Me-Made May Week 2: Europe Week!

After wearing all-Canadian designs last week, this week was about European designers! As you helped remind me, there are TONS of pattern options from Europe, including Burda, Lekala, and Knipmode as well as the more-standard indies like BHL, Pauline Alice, Named, and so on.

Turns out I just have a few designers from Europe in my closet, so this week included lots of TNT pattern repeats. (It didn’t help that it got really cold this week…)

European Week Collage

I wore:

  • 1 cropped Maria of Denmark Kimono tee (a fabulous free pattern!)
  • 1 MoD Olivia Oversized tee
  • 1 MoDenmark Day-to-Night cowl tank
  • 1 Deer and Doe Plantain shirt (another free pattern)
  • 3 Kitschy Koo Comino Cap dresses
  • I also wore another Plantain and MoD yoga pants as pjs on the 17th when I was feeling sick, but no pics for those.

That’s 4 Maria of Denmark patterns – all of which I love and have made repeatedly! I just saw on Instagram today that she is releasing a book in the fall, so I’ll be waiting eagerly to see what it’s like. I hope it has patterns! (I’ve been thinking lately how there are no pattern books that appeal to me, but I wish there were!)

My unofficial goal has been to sew a new-to-me pattern from each region during the week… I’m afraid that after all your great suggestions, all I managed was a pair of Kitschy Koo Barrie Boy-Cut Briefs! (Does a BHL Anna sewn a few days too late count?) A rather ugly pair at that.. orange ity scraps with black stitching. Happy halloween! I’m still deciding if I like the fit.


This week I’m on to patterns from Australia and New Zealand. Lots to choose from! Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I finished my sewing dare! I’ll blog about it later this week. Only 11 more days of MMM, then we are into June!

15 thoughts on “Me-Made May Week 2: Europe Week!

    1. This weather is so annoying! it’s just slightly too cold to leave home without a cardigan and scarf. Just 5 degrees warmer, please!


  1. I would actually consider Burda more mainstream! Just because I have so many of their magazines around from when I was a subscriber, and I can actually buy their patterns at Joann’s. But that’s just my take on it. 🙂 Looks like Europe Week was a success overall. That drapey orange and white cowl is pretty fabulous–I’m guessing that’s the MD tank?


    1. Yeah, Burda are mainstream to me too… but I didn’t specifically say I’d only sew indie, mostly because I won’t make it through american week without my fav cardigans from McCalls!
      Thank tank is indeed Maria of Denmark… the cowl is rather indecently low on the larger sizes though – almost enough to be a nursing top, honestly! How are you doing?


  2. H’ray for Halloween briefs! 😀 You finished your dare? Oh dang it, why aren’t I following you on Instagram. I’m fixing that now. I’ve finally settled on Franken-patterning my knit dress and have laundered my Princess Pink Scuba (which is the politically correct term for OMG It’s Soooooooooo Pink) I’m leaping off into cutting today, but first I really need to post something new on my blog. Sheesh! It’s been over a month and I’ve loads of pictures and posts. 😀


  3. I love the Comino Cap dresses! I’d have to think hard about which of my patterns are actually European. Although all the Ottobre magazine tops should count, and that’s about a quarter of my wardrobe. 😉


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