Are you in the mood for a #sewingdare?

Sewing Dares

I’m bringing them back: Sewing Dares!

Once upon a time, way back in 2013, I dared K-Line to knit a pair of socks. She did, and then she knit more! I started daring a few other people… and 8 months later (aka. the last time I blogged a roundup) thirty eight people had completed sewing dares, including Sew Busy Lizzy, Grainline, Crab and Bee, Busy Lizzie, Maria of Denmark, Quirky Peach, Ginger, Heather B, Three Dresses, and a heap more. It was fun, and I think it’s time for another round!

Here’s the deal: Basically, if you want a dare, ask for one. You could get a dare from me, or ask any other blogger… or maybe just ask, and someone, anyone, will give you one!

A good dare should be a fun challenge, just slightly outside your comfort zone. I like looking through people’s blogs before giving them a dare, to see what gaps there might be and look for anything they’ve mentioned wanting to make but haven’t. Don’t be scared! You always get to approve the dare by accepting – it’s a dare, not a demand! 🙂

Here are an example of some of the dares from last time:

  • I got dared to try piping and dart rotation
  • use a vintage pattern
  • sew from your stash
  • make a new-to-you silhouette
  • hack a favourite pattern into something new

A good dare should inspire you. Last time, I felt bad posting a list of unfinished dares – I wanted those people to feel included, but not guilty! Let’s consider those old dares, erased, and start fresh.

Here are the official Sewing Dare Rules: 

  1. Have fun. Stop if it is not fun.
  2. Sew your dare by May 31st (with an honourable extension until the end of June, because life is busy. After that, we’ll wipe the slate clean again.)
  3. Did I mention to have fun?

IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SEWING DARE, COMMENT WITH YOUR REQUEST/PARAMETERS! It might help to mention your blog, IG or Twitter so we can find out more about you. And if you’d like to dare someone, check through the comments and give them a dare!

On your marks, get set… GO!

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