Funki Fabrics Review Video

You might remember that last year I poster some video reviews of online fabric stores:, Girl Charlee, Wanderlust, and Cali Fabrics. Well, I’m back with another one, this time featuring fabric that Funki Fabrics offered me for free.

(So here’s the disclaimer: Yes, I’m willing to post in return for free fabric – Mood, call me!  No, free stuff isn’t going to make me say anything other than my frank opinion. I mean, I already got the fabric, I can say whatever I want! And as it happens, I had to pay $25 customs fees, which would be enough for me to buy an equivalent amount of fabric locally. Ok? Ok.)

I’m sure you’ve seen other bloggers talking about FunkiFabrics, but here’s the quick rundown.

  1. They specialize in synthetic stretch fabrics (what I’d call spandex, but perhaps that’s a brand name?). If you want to sew a swimsuit, dance costume, etc, this is your place. They also have some velvet, net, lace and workout fabrics, all stretchy.
  2. They have a crazy website that takes a long time to learn to navigate. I swear, scrolling through to see all the fabrics takes a good 30 minutes, and the organization is not the most intuitive.
  3. They are based in the UK, and fabric runs 12-20 pounds per metre. That’s not cheap, and it’s a more than I’d pay in my local specialty shop… but it seems a fair price for a good product, particularly if you are in the UK.

Ready to see some fabric already? Watch for when Frank the cat knocks stuff over off-screen… and if the embedded video doesn’t work, try this link!

(Clear I do not have a second career coming in TV or film production – but I hope it was useful to see fabric in action!)  

Here are links to the bloggers I mentioned , as well as a few others who have been sent Funki fabric:

  • Two On, Two Off: This girl can work a Jalie pattern like no one else! 1, 2
  • By Gum, By Golly: Love her galaxy dress!
  • Miss Crayola Creepy: Super cute leggings, but it’s the velvet leopard skirt that I covet!

There are more, but you can google as well as I can! 😉

I still haven’t decided quite what to do with the fabric… I’d make a swimsuit, but I never swim. I like the idea of using it to work out the kinks in a lounge bra pattern, but I do wonder if spandex will be too sweaty as a bra. Would it help if I lined it with mesh? I do think the black supplex will be perfect though. All I’m looking for is some bras to wear to the laundry room to avoid shocking my neighbours, or to wear while doing yoga in my living room, so no great support is needed. I do need to track down elastic and findings though…

Do you have any plans to sew lingerie or bathing suits this year? Seems like swimwear was all the rage 2 years ago, and now it’s jeans and lingerie… I wonder what will be the next sewing fad?

21 thoughts on “Funki Fabrics Review Video

  1. Gillian, I love your videos! You are so down to earth and honest. Your teaching experience really shines through. 🙂 This was a great idea and a good complement to the various posts on Funki Fabrics that have been popping up all over the sewing blogosphere. Personally I don’t sew or wear a lot of spandex, but the custom printing is really interesting – I didn’t realize they print to order. Thanks as always for an honest and informative review!


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I think I’m going to have to get creative with the spandex, cause I’m not one to sew or wear it either! I”m leaning away from trying to make a Watson with it…. Maybe I should make my little niece a long-sleeved swim shirt for wearing at her grandparent’s pool during the summer? Hmmm!


  2. you are lovely to watch and a knockout in that dress!

    that aqua and red one at 5:26 is GORGEOUS… i wasn’t used to the four sides of white border on this sort of fabric, i’m glad you made note of it!


    1. D’aww, thanks! I found the white border surprising too – with all that big fabric border, it made me wish the print extended farther! But being cheap, I’ll probably use the white for contrast eventually… 😉


    1. Yes, it is a Tiramisu! Well spotted! It’s actually in my to-hem pile… it feels a little matronly at the length it is now, and I haven’t worn it much for a year. I think I might like it more a bit shorter!


  3. I loved this review, Gillian! You hit on a lot of points that I haven’t seen discussed online and it was cool to watch in a video format too 🙂

    I’m going to make a bra this year. I have a couple of kits, just need to get the courage to start one!

    And thank you for the shout out 🙂


    1. I’m totally kicking myself for not getting any leopard velvet like yours, because when else would I get such a fabric?
      Good luck on bra-making endevours – do you have a pattern picked out?


  4. Great review! And it seems like Funki Fabrics is giving their fabric away to everyone! LOL. I think some lounging bras would be perfect! Have you seen the findings and elastic in Caroline’s shop (Blackbird Fabrics)?
    Also, Customs are so sucky, sometimes I feel like I’m being punished for being Canadian!


    1. Customs fees kill me! I wish I had asked Funki Fabrics to make the fabric as a gift so I wouldn’t have had to pay. Honestly, I would have spent my $25 on different fabric, if I’d had the choice!
      I’ve been eyeing the kits at Blackbird… but we’ve actually got a really fabulous bra sewing store about an hour away, so I’m more likely to buy locally and skip the shipping!


  5. I have noticed that the swim/dancewear type fabric that I can get locally is very thick. So it’s good to know there’s lighterweight stuff out there. I don’t really have any experience in sewing with spandex, so I can’t advise you on how it would work as a bra. (Though I really should try sewing with some, since I somehow ended up with several yards’ worth that got handed off to me! But it’s plain white, and the thought of wearing anything white spandex in public makes me cringe. So I’m kind of clueless about what to do with it.)

    Needless to say, this is not the year I’ll be attempting swimwear or lingerie. 🙂 I’ll be interested to see what the next sewing trend is too, since I’m sure that it’ll be going on before I’m ready to attempt any undergarments!


    1. Yes! (Well, no, but I looked it up in my emails!) The purple sprinkle print is called: Rhymer Lilac Printed Flexcite Lycra. If you just type Rhymer into the search function on Funki Fabric it pops up!


  6. You are the cutest – excellent review. I wouldn’t use that mesh for a bra – you’ve called it. Too stretchy to provide support. But you could use it as a secondary layer on top of power net to give you the colour you’d like. Also, I’d def stay away from spandex for the Watson or any bra. It will not breathe and it will have too much stretch to provide support. That galaxy print is fantastic. You know I love crazy yoga leggings (only in yoga leggings and bras to I like crazy) so I might have to look into it. Hmmm…


    1. Ok, I’m glad you agree with me on the net and the spandex! I’ve seen people make Watson bras from spandex swimwear-type fabric, and it’s listed as one of the suitable fabrics, but I can’t see it being the nicest to wear.


  7. I really love seeing other bloggers on video. We usually read their words but we almost never see each other moving around and hear speaking! You look very cute and sweet, it was nice seeing and listening to you.


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