Sister twins!

My sister and I take after different sides of the family, and we’ve never really looked much alike… but now that Anne’s new glasses turn out to be so similar to mine, don’t you think we finally look like sisters?

Anne and Gillian are twins!

We’re fricking adorable, that’s what we are! 😛

Anne admired my drape drape tee knockoff (that I’m wearing in these pics) and asked for one of here own, so on Saturday I sent her a bunch of pics from the fabric store, and she choose two knits. By time she came to visit the next day I had both sewn up! (I love you, serger and coverstitch.) 

Anne and Gillian are twins!

First up is a drapey tee just like mine. Anne’s teal version is from a light-weight rayon blend knit. Doesn’t it look pretty on her?

Anne and Gillian are twins!

The second shirt is a Renfrew made up in a beefy cotton spandex knit. I did do a cheater FBA on this one. I was a little worried when I tried this one on to check fit – we are very similar measurements but quite different proportions, somehow, and it just looked dumpy on me. On Anne though, I think it’s got a nice bit of Parisian chic!

Anne and Gillian are twins!

Finally, something that doesn’t quite deserve a post of its own… yet another pair of Ginger jeans! These are a lovely thick stretchy twill I bought in Toronto this winter… but look at the back of my calves, and you’ll clearly see I didn’t buy enough! Silly me. Mental note: 2m does not make me proper pants. A few of my Gingers have been annoying me by bagging out, so I made these closely fit so that even when saggy they won’t be clown pants. End result: kinda snug! Isn’t that always the way?

It’s always so fun to sew for Anne, my mom, and Jamie (sorry, Dad, that I’ve never made you anything!) because they appreciate the work and the effort, and what I make actually gets worn. So Anne, thanks for buying the fabric and taking some pics with me! Hope you enjoy the shirts, and I swear, those jeans will get made someday soon!

17 thoughts on “Sister twins!

  1. Oh, you are both entirely adorable! But I don’t see the family resemblance! On a related note – I didn’t realize that Anne is so tall! I will say, the way in which you are similar is that you are both photogenic. I suspect those jeans will stretch out enough over time, btw. Every pair of snug jeans I’ve ever bought or made has stretched out (often more than I’d like) with wear.


    1. I was thinking as I wrote this post how short I look in all the pics! I’m used to hanging out with short kids, and seeing myself alone in pictures, so I rather forget that I’m only 5’2″. I think Anne is about 5’5″?
      (And yes, I’m sure they will stretch out and then I’ll be cursing them for it! 😉


  2. I am a lucky, lucky girl! 😀

    (I am also SO not used to looking tall. I need to pose with you in more photos, G! I’m 5’6″ — but with a husband who’s 6’2″ and a brother-in-law who’s fully 7″, I am used to looking crazy short.)


  3. Lovely pictures, and I do see the family resemblance. I especially love the color of the jeans. I am thinking I will need to get this pattern and make a pair or two.


  4. Aww, great photos—you both look like you’re having so much fun! My kids don’t look like each other, either (or like me, for that matter)—though I think the hair-colour difference makes people overlook other similarities. 😉 Vive la difference!

    As for jeans bagging out—oh, that scourge of my jeans-buying history! When I started making my own, I would wear them for a while around the house pre-waistband in case they stretched out and I needed to shave a last little bit off the side seams. PS, you can shave it down below the waistband even after they’re finished. You’re allowed. 😉 Eventually I got my pattern sized down enough that I rarely have the problem (more often, I have the opposite problem of discovering my denim doesn’t have enough stretch. BOO!)

    OF course, I think we both know the ultimate solution here—jeggings! 😉


  5. Yes, you are both frickin’ adorable! My “little” sister is 6′ and a full 7″ taller than me. I got the short gene in my family. My sons don’t really look alike but I find certain mannerisms and expressions lock them in as brothers and make them look alike even when they don’t. Hard to explain but you probably know what I mean.

    Great tops. I haven’t jumped on the stripes bandwagon but I should because every time I see one of your new striped tops, I. Want. Them. All. Love the new Gingers too … I think the color is great and the back calf is actually kind of cool. No one would EVER think it wasn’t intentional.

    Do you have a past blog post on the drape drape knocking off? I love this top and want to blatantly copy it! I have an idea of what’s done, but being lazy … well … um. Yeah.


  6. You are too effin’ adorable! I glanced through the pictures before I went through and read the post. When I saw the backs of your jean calves, I thought…Oh how stinking cute and very fashionable! Then I went back and saw that it was a fabric shortage. Don’t tell people you shorted yourself on fabric, tell them you are fashion forward and everyone will be wearing back calf seams by this time next year! 😀


  7. You two are adorable! And serger and coverstitch aside, I’m still impressed that you managed to knock out two tops in less than a day. I mean, there’s fabric cutting involved!


  8. You guys are so cute!! And your glasses do make you look alike! I love all the tops and your new Gingers are such a fantastic colour! Fingers crossed they don’t bag out too much!


  9. ah, you two have the same beautiful smile! i love seeing you both in stripes. and um, sorry sis to be looking at your tatas, but they actually look of similar volume to me! that said, being a smaller busted gal, everyone’s knockers look fabulous to me 😉


  10. You two are so cute! And the tops came out beautifully! One of my good friends and I have very similar measurements, but totally different proportions, also. Completely bizzare but also so handy.


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