My Top 5 Goals for 2015

1. Learn to use my new coverstitch machine. It was a gift from my husband and his family (I’m still in shock!), and i can’t wait to figure out how to use it. My sewing will have hems at long last! <– I worked up the courage to use it a bit, and it is ah-mazing! Swoon. 

2. Don’t promise I’ll do anything just for the sake of doing it. Things I thought about setting as a goal for myself: Make proper jeans. Design and release a pattern. More menswear. Uh, really? Is any of that stuff I love to sew? Why on earth would I promise to do it? Last year my goals included making an Archer and a quilt, and those two goals have been more oppressive than fun. No more of that self-imposed silliness!

3. Make more pants. Uh, yeah. Remember a few sentences ago when I said I didn’t want to force myself to make proper jeans? Well, this is a bit different, I swear. I outgrew a lot of my me-made pants this year (sigh) and I’ve dragged my heels on making more. It’s depressing, I guess. But wearing ill-fiting RTW pants is even more depressing, so I want to get back on the pants wagon! Just nice simple pull on pants – nothing too fancy. <– I got a head start on this during the holidays, and I’ll be blogging 3 pairs of modified Ginger jeans later this week! They are so much comfier than my RTW pants that I’m determined to restock my me-made wardrobe. 

4. Keep experimenting with photography. My dad has continued to loan me his DSLR this past year, and I’m getting slightly better at using it. Lots to learn though! I find photography fun to play with though, because the results are so immediate. You can tell right away if things are going well or not. I’ve also become a bit braver about taking pics around the neighbourhood – maybe this will be the year I dare to take pics in the parks and historic buildings around the city?

5. More of the same.  More knits, more TNTs, more dresses for my sister and more loungewear for my mister. Those are the things that make me happiest to sew, and rather than aim for something new, I just want to keep sewing more of them!

So basically, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I”m feel happy about my unambitious goals for the year – after all, sewing is my hobby, so why push it into something I don’t enjoy?

I usually do a Top 5 wrap up post, considering any chance I should make to the post topics… but I think all the topics worked, so no reason to change them! Thanks to everyone who joined in, and for forgiving me for clogging up your blog feed for the last few weeks!

16 thoughts on “My Top 5 Goals for 2015

  1. #2!!! I am so right there with you. I need to stop being a tester for new kid’s patterns I think, as half the time I dislike it and feel obligated. I think it’s the obligation that bothers me, rather. I love testing for some companies, but others it just feels like a waste of my time.

    PANTS was my goal last year and again, will be a goal. I think though, to be truthful, if I make it a goal it’s because I won’t do it naturally. I will, naturally, sew knits and more sweaters and kids clothes for my son. I have to push myself to try jeans, and the archer that is traced and waiting, and other woven patterns.

    I hope we can both focus our motivation and time on the proper tasks this year! YAY for sewing!


    1. Testing is such a win/lose situation! I’m always so excited to be asked, and then I think – Do I really want to spend time and money on this and not what I would have sewn otherwise? I just got asked to test something and I need to decide what to answer…
      Pants are one of those those goals we’ll probably be setting for year! That’s ok, I think. They are definitely something that is worth the effort for me, since the fit of RTW pants is just SO bad on me! I hope you can find a pattern that works for you, too.


  2. I love your goals!! Sometimes I find setting goals for myself instantly makes me want to rebel. I am so excited to see what you make this year and I love that you are making things that you truly love!


    1. Me too! I either set goals and accomplish them right away, or I resent them all year. It’s fun to look back the following year either way – I learned a lot from my failed goals to sew an Archer and a quilt! Turns out I do not enjoy that kind of sewing. Maybe one day I will… or maybe not. 😉


  3. Those look like great goals to keep sewing a fun hobby. I’ve found it really useful taking part in top 5. I’m even going to re-model some of my makes based on what Ive learnt, so thanks for hosting #sewingtop5


    1. That’s great to hear! I love remodelling stuff – it’s so satisfying to take something unworn and make it wearable! I’ve got a two-tops-into-one remake coming up soon…


  4. I enjoyed reading all your top 5 posts and those are some great goals for 2015! You are totally right “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so it is really not necessary to set some high goals that can’t be reached in the end. I tried to do the same for 2015 and only want to work on buying less fabric. To #4 I can only say, take photos outside and in public, if you want to, and don’t worry about what others think! It does take some courage at the beginning, but now I don’t even care what somebody thinks anymore.


    1. Thanks! I’ve gotten better at taking outdoor pics in public in the summer… but I’ve never had the courage to set up in a public indoor space in the winter! Plus, how does one make sure the camera doesn’t get stolen or knocked over? I guess the answer to that is that I make my husband come along to take pics… but oh lordy, I’d have to bribe him well so that I didn’t feel guilty about that! 😉 Do you live somewhere warm or cold? What do you do for pics in winter?


      1. I live in Germany, so it does get quite cold during winter time. My photos are usually taken by a colleague during lunch break. During winter, I quickly throw off the jacket and try to be done as quickly as possible. It’s really cold that way but I find that the light outside is always much better. I have also started to take selftimer pictures somewhere quiet in the woods, where usually nobody comes by.


  5. Well said, Gillian. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! If sewing is purely a hobby (as I suspect it is for most people), you might as well just relax and enjoy the process.

    I’ll be curious to see how your pants came out. I just attempted pants for the first time, with less than stellar results. There is so much to learn!


  6. I feel the same about #2. I thought about jumping on the Ginger Jeans bandwagon, but then I took my mouse off the buy button and reminded myself that I don’t wear pants. I may eventually tackle making jeans, but it’s not the year for it. Although, I am curious how your Ginger jeans look. 🙂


  7. Goals are a funny thing, aren’t they? If they’re just a list of things you’re dreading deep-down, they’re basically chores! I hate being told what to do, even if it’s by me! But on the other hand, I tend to be a pretty unfocused person and so sometimes I’ll go through an entire season without sewing the one thing I most wanted to wear. Tricky balance! I checked last year’s post, and I completed 4 of my 5 goals for 2014, yay! The 5th one… well, I’ll probably never do it, so it’s off the list. 😀


  8. Brilliant post! I didn’t do any of the specific things i said i was going to do last year haha! I’ll drink to if it ain’t broken don’t fix it & pants! It’s so much better sometimes just going with the flow! Looking forward to seeing the Gingers!


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