Julia Cardigan

I sewed! Nothing like a new fabric purchase to spur the sewjo, right? I washed up the sweater knits I received last week, and cut straight into a blue forget-me-not/cobalt colour. It’s the most medium weight of the knits I ordered (not too thin, not too thick) so it seemed perfect for trying out the Julia Cardigan.


The only real surprise with this pattern is that I haven’t sewed it before now. I wear a lot of cardigans! My reservation with this style is that the front will curve away just where my hips are widest and create a strange emphasis there. This cardi came out quite long on me (I’m short!) so I don’t think that happens.

Construction wise, there is very little to say. I did the doubled hem/collar approach, which seems like the way to go… the alternative is folding over and stitching to finish the circular edge, and that would always show when it drapes open! No thanks. The down side is that in my size, it took close to 3m of fabric.

Here it is on, as I wore it to work today!

face to face Collage

(Why yes, I *AM* using a timer to take phone pics in a parking lot! It was either balance the phone on the car door and take these, or get no pics will the weekend. It’s dark so early here now!)

I like how the neckline sits – it’s similar to the Cake Carmine, which I struggled to fit last spring, but works much better on me. I really appreciate that I didn’t have to fidget with the cardigan at all in the day – I totally forgot I was wearing it, and that’s a great sign for me!

Car Park Collage

One thing I’ll improve on next time is the fit in the back. The pattern doesn’t have any hip shaping – it’s straight from the armpit down! That would never work for me, so I graded out two sizes for the back hips and back hem band. That wasn’t quite enough though… the side seams get pulled back a bit, and that affects the front drape. Easy enough to fix next time though – and I’m sure there will be a next time!

Just to show you what it looks like when the camera isn’t shooting up from hip level (yikes!), here are some pics in my front hall:

hallway Collage

(Worn with my Group of Seven dress from the summer.)

Overall, I like this pattern a lot! The PDF was easy to tape together, it took just an hour to sew, and it’s a very wearable shape. I’ve seen several versions in ponte, though I’m not sure how that would drape… but it certainly would work in jersey, light or medium sweater knit, or a drapey double knit.

Have you made a Julia Cardigan before? What are your favourite cardigan shapes to wear?

31 thoughts on “Julia Cardigan

  1. I have this pattern in my stash now since buying the Perfect Pattern Parcel #6. I am quite excited to sew it up. I’m pretty pear shaped so it looks like I will have to make a similar adjustment. Love the blue colour. Looks like a good wardrobe staple.


    1. Sleeve length can be so hard to figure out! I cut out the full-length, but chopped them off after trying it on… and to be honest, I have a sneaking suspicion that one sleeve is a little longer than the other! Shhh – don’t tell! 😉


    1. Thanks Chiquita! I know I’m a fan because when I stood in front of my closet this morning, I just wanted to wear it again! Clearly I need more.


  2. I love this (and might be buying it soon cuz of YOU)!!! And it looks FAB with your dress.

    I just bought a RTW cardi with a very similar banded/curved shape. They are all over the stores here. Yes, Florida. hahaha I tried it on in the store, thinking it would look horrible on my hips/curves and was so surprised that it actually DE-emphasizes the hips. I’m not sure yet how, but I’ll take it. I *think* it’s because of the curve … instead of a straight line across the hips … it accents the waist (or creates one) and makes for a hourglass. Of course I bought it. 🙂 And now here you are with this one I can make. Perfect timing.


    1. Heavens, you need cardigans in Florida? My illusions of lovely weather there are ruined. (It’s -10c here today, which is… let me ask google… 14f. Brrrr!)
      I think you’d like this pattern – hope you give it a go!


      1. Hah! Check out my blog today and you’ll see I was all bundled up. It’s FREEZING here. OK, relatively speaking compared to your Canadian temps, but 30s F is cold anywhere and doubly so in Florida. To boost your illusions back up … it only stays cold for a day or two at a time. We’ll be back to 70s/80s by the weekend. There, are you sufficiently jealous now? 🙂


  3. Love this cardigan! That blue looks fantastic on you. I’ve made this once, and I wear it all the time! I keep meaning to make another. It’s such a fabric hog, but totally worth it!


    1. Yours was one of the reviews I looked at before sewing it! I like yours a lot – and I narrowed the sleeves after you mentioned how wide the bell shape is! Thanks for that tip!


    1. So true! I wear a cardigan most days, so it’s a nice way to get the most out of a me-made! (PLus a cardigan lets me wear short sleeved dresses all year round!)


  4. You look terrific! I love the colour on you and the cardigan looks cozy 🙂 I have not sewn one before but this pattern may tempt me. Taping nonwithstanding. Ugh!


    1. Thank you! I feel sure you could rock this cardigan. My first thought was, “Would Phyrene rock this?” and I thought, “Yup, it’s casual and elegant!” 😉


  5. I’ve got this one on my stash… but I fear I’m addicted to my Vogue 8780(?) a fine cream merino knit make from earlier this year. It’s fitted across my back with a gorgeous flared skirt & draped front. I get loads of compliments in it & it goes with everything!


    1. That Vogue is a good ‘un! A few years ago I made a bunch of cardigans that had long drape in the centre.. these days I’m trimming them all off so the drape isn’t so heavy in front, more like the Vogue. 🙂


  6. Great outfit! I know this post is all about the cardigan, but the dress you paired it with is really fun too. I haven’t tried this pattern yet, and honestly don’t have a lot of cardigan patterns other than a New Look one I made years ago. And the Carmine, which I haven’t had an opportunity to sew yet. I did get one from McCall’s last weekend (one of those drapey-front ones), so I’ll probably be trying that out soon.


    1. I have a McCalls drapey cardigan pattern that I love: M5890. I’ve made it in jersey and sweater knit, and it works well! I’m glad to have another pattern to throw in the mix though! 🙂


  7. This looks great on you. I felt the same about mine but after wearing it lots I’m happy with the hips now – I’m also very pear shaped. I made mine in a soft ponte and it’s still fairly drapey. It goes well with both dresses and jeans.


  8. This is so cute on you! Love the color! I have this pattern but haven’t sewed it yet. I’m not much of a cardigan person at all, but thought this shape was nice so I’ll make it someday! I’m glad to see you found some time and energy to sew!


  9. The colour suits you and it looks great with the dress.
    I’ve just made one (soon to be blogged!) and you’re right about it taking loads of fabric. I only had 1.9m and managed it in an XL but had to cut the inside of the edge (not sure what to call it!) in a different fabric. It look ages juggling the pattern pieces. I even traced out and extra piece of the front to help me work it out!


  10. This looks great on you, especially with that awesome dress! I think the shape is very flattering and it looks super cosy for the winter months. I have yet to make a cardigan but you are definitely making me want to try!


  11. This turned out really cute! I’m actually in the market for a cardigan pattern, so this post is making me think I need the Julia!


  12. Lovely, it’s a cute pattern and I love the colour on you! I cut out that pattern a few days ago but I’m still waiting for daylight (aka next weekend) to cut it out and sew… I’ve actually never sewn a cardigan before (I know, I have no idea why!) and don’t even own any front drape ones. 😉 I’ve admired yours for a while, though, you wear that style very well.


  13. This reminds me of my Jalie Cocoon cardi that I love to cosy up in during Winter. I have just made Vogue 8780 in a light merino, its lovely and such a great pattern (my new cardi favourite). I have the Jenna cardi from Muse that I want to whip up this weekend too if I get time.
    PS – your cardi looks lovely – great colour


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