Cat Lady Sewing!

I had grand plans for Erin’s kitty-themed sewing challenge… but in the end, I kept it easy with some leopard print!

Cat Lady Sewing

This was supposed to be a cute mini-dress with a band at the bottom (a la Lola) but first it came out too long and then it became too short! That’s what I get for freehand altering a pattern as I go. That’s ok though – the extra length and hem band got repurposed into a big cowl. The cowl is basically an octagon, folded in half to be a trapezoid… and attached to a Plantain tee. It’s vaguely inspired by this Anthro top I pinned last year. The fabric is a strange-but-nice rayon knit from Fabricland… it’s like a cross between a double knit and a pique, somehow? It’s the same line of fabric as I used to make this top last year.

Cat Lady SewingWhen I think about cats, I think about lounging, so I made some purple leggings to wear with the top around the house. For wearing outside the house though, it definitely calls for pants!

Now enough about that: CATS!

My cats don’t like to be in the same room, so I had to take pics twice… both with equally terrible indoor light and blurriness! But cats, so…cats. Cat Lady Sewing

Cats staring.

Cat Lady Sewing

Cats leaping.

Cat Lady Sewing

Cats hating being held.
Cat Lady SewingCats.

Thanks for hosting the theme and inspiring us all, Erin!

10 thoughts on “Cat Lady Sewing!

  1. That top is such a win!!!! It’s perfect! And I always admire your bravery when it comes to altering patterns. I need to learn your ways 🙂


  2. Oooo I love the colors of that fabric! Super cute, and I love the kitty pics. It took like seven years before my two boys could be in the same room together bahaha! But now they’re all good. …they were late bloomers I guess.


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