Annie Bee Knits!

Brightness and Contrast

Guys, I’ve got to boast – my sister has released her third knitting pattern!

It’s called “Brightness and Contrast”, and you can ogle it on Ravelry. Anne designed it to really show off a skein of beautiful hand-dyed yarn – you know, the kind you buy because it’s gorgeous but then realise you can’t knit into anything with out awkward colour pooling! (An idea, btw, that I first heard her talk about when we spoke together about colour at her local knitter’s fair!)

Brightness and Contrast

As far as my non-knitter brain understands, the pattern alternates a solid colour with a variegated yarn for most of the shawl. There’s a band of some cool-looking star-stitch-thing (technical term!) and a solid rib border. Whatever is going on, it looks really great without being super complicated! (For knitters who like a challenge, check out her Chawton Mittens which were published in the Jane Austen knitting magazine a few years back!)

Here is her original prototype:

Brightness and Contrast

I mean, my gawd. Isn’t it PRETTY???? I want it bad.

Brightness & Contrast prototype

Anne has another shawl pattern called Hue and Value… which begs some questions: What two colour theory terms will she name her next pattern after, and how am *I* the sister known for loving rainbows?

Brightness and Contrast

On top of it all, Anne proved her enduring awesomeness by volunteering in my classroom last week (on her holiday!) to teach my kids about knitting and pattern design. The kids charted out their own colourwork design on graph paper, and they were so enthusiastic and inspired by the examples she showed them. It was so fun to hear them say, “I’m making a sweater!”, like a sweater would magically pop off the page. Thanks to Anne and her friend Kim for taking the time to come in!

Anyway, thanks for listening to my bragging… I’m just very proud!

ps. All photos courtesy of Anne and her friend/photographer Merideth Sexton.

18 thoughts on “Annie Bee Knits!

    1. At this point it seems like it must be almost impossible to come up with something “new” in knitting or sewing… so I like how this pattern can as the solution to a conundrum!


    1. If you stare really closely at her teal caridgan, you might even recognise some Fabricland chevron double knit! Not sewn by me though – we found it at a charity shop, homemade by someone, and she bought it!


  1. I didn’t realize she was a Jane Austen contributor– I’ve been collecting those magazines since they started making them, since Austen is one of my main literary loves, even though I haven’t knit anything from them yet! It’s a gorgeous shawl, and it looks like a fairly simple knit….now if only I could find some pretty hand-dyed non-wool yarn to do it justice!


    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing how the shawl knits up for other people! Seems like one of those patterns that will look quite different in different yarns!


  2. You and your sister are both so talented. I bet your mom is so proud… and pumped because she probably gets the best Christmas gifts hahah!


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