Plus ça change…

I guess some things never do change… because my first finished project on my new WordPress blog is a carbon-copy for a dress I made before!


Accidents happen… and by unthinking accident I made another Nettie-Tiramisu almost identical to my first! I really didn’t mean for this to happen… but the pattern just seemed perfect for this lovely mid-weight rayon (which I talking about in my Wanderlust fabric review video). Cut cut cut, sew sew sew, and voila, I’m my own twin!


Here’s the only big different between the two dresses – inspired by Froggie’s penchant for sewing Heather low scoop necks, I used the mid-level Nettie neckline fro the back. I love how Heather’s Nora (Nettie/Flora) dresses flatter her collar bones and back but in a daytime appropriate way. My shoulder straps came out a little wider than I planned, but I still like the dress anyway. I’m tagging this project as part of the Sewcialist Tribute Month, which is all about getting inspired by our fellow sewcialists! Thanks, Heather!

Construction wise, there’s not much to say… it’s the same combo of Nettie bodice, waistband, and Tiramisu half-circle skirt that I used before. The waist is stabilized with fold-over elastic to stop the skirt from pulling things down. With the front and back both scooped low, once again I’ve sewn a reversible dress!

Once I started looking at my clothes, I realised just how much of this bright-floral-on-black I seem to have! Right back to one of my first projects, a Colette Peony in Japanese quilting cotton. Here are a few of my “dark floral” creations!


If only floral was a colour I could add to my wardrobe palette! 😉


What kind of fabric are you drawn to again and again? Do you have any very similar clothes that you family and coworkers probably can’t tell apart? And if so – do you care?

27 thoughts on “Plus ça change…

    1. I’ll take that as a green-light to keep buying dark florals! And, well, light florals… and all florals… and hell, all prints! 😉 The fabric on this one is great – If I could get more medium-weight rayon blend like this, I’d be a happy girl!


  1. Cute dress! You know what you like so who cares if it’s a twin of something you already made? Love the scoop back on you!

    I think I’m the opposite, I’m drawn to the non-black backgrounds. I have a lot of white/ivory background prints in my stash, but my favorite prints are the ones with grey backgrounds and lots of bright colors. I wear a lot of bright colors but I think I’m pretty good about not having too many similar things (besides jeans) – even my t-shirts are pretty distinct and memorable individually. The few things I have that are the same style are usually very different in color or print.

    I actually have a floral print in my sewing queue that makes me think a lot of you – it’s very Japanese looking and colorful on a royal blue background. The printed pattern on the flowers even matches some origami paper I have.


    1. Yay – you can comment! 🙂
      With white backgrounds I’m always afraid of it being sheer if the florals aren’t very dense…. I’ve got a few really nice florals that are sitting in my stash for that very reason! I should just line them and get over it.
      The blue Japanese floral sounds killer – dig it out and use it!!


  2. I’m going to pull a page from the Wardrobe Architect files and say that floral can totally be in your palette! At least, as a type of print that you’re drawn to. 🙂

    Also, got your blog address all updated on my reader so I can keep following all of the colorful fun here!


    1. DId you see the neon knits at Cali Fabric? They had some that tempted even me… I could be the coolest (or least cool) teacher at school if I showed up in neon!


    1. I ordered a bunch of cheap FOE from Etsy this summer, and I’ve been using it to stabilize everything! I feel like it’s easier to use than clear elastic, and it’s got a nice amount of stretch without being too stretchy.


    1. Thank you, Heather! I’ve done rather a lot of fabric shopping this summer… it’s fun to see it all turning into garments! 😉


    1. Oh man, if I included all the florals on other colour backgrounds.. yup. I’ve got a LOT of florals! They always seem to be the easiest-to-find organic-looking print!


  3. Love this dress Gillian! I’m a huge fan of florals as well as stripes. I just refollowed you in bloglovin. I thought you were a little quiet, thanks to Heather …. I found you again. Inspiring and helpful…that one.


    1. Hi Margo! I’m glad you found me on the new site! I’m so annoyed the tumblr is blocking Bloglovin’ readers from seeing my old site.. ’cause how is a girl supposed to tell readers she’s moved if they don’t see any posts? Grrr. I’m glad Heather helped me spread the word!


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