It’s Tribute Month, and I choose…

Alessa from! And as it happens, she already did a Tribute Month post to me!

You see, as Alessa explained in her post, we’d talked in the fall about making outfits inspired by each other. We’ve got seriously similar taste in colours  – I mean, just look at the woman’s stash!


Emerald, turquoise, red and navy!!! Stripes and dots! I’m so in love.

In addition, we’ve got similar taste in me-mades: cute and comfy everyday knits, for the most part! Take a look at some of her outfits for Me-Made May. I just love how consistent and well-defined Alessa’s style is, and it all looks great on her. If anyone could make me want to wear solids, it’s her!

But not quite yet – because here’s what I made for Tribute Month:

Tribute Month - Alessa

I ordered this material from back in the fall, because it just screamed “Alessa!” In fact, it’s been in my stash so long that Leila from Three Dresses actually brought it up to me (my Columbian fabric mule) when she came to visit in November. I love the colours, but the fabric turned out to be thin and quite stretchy, and I just couldn’t figure out what to make.

Tribute Month - Alessa

And then along came the Comino Cap pattern, and I knew I had a winner! Because there are so few seams in the dress, there isn’t much stress on the fabric… and I was *just* able to squeeze it from 2yards with some semblance of stripe matching (on the skirt, at least!)

Tribute Month - Alessa

As it happens, the Comino Cap is pretty much reversible (on me, at least!) so I can wear either side as the front. I really can’t decide which side I like best!

Thanks, Alessa, for letting me knock off your style! I’m really enjoying the Tribute Month posts by Inge and Ali – this is the first Sewcialist theme that’s been run entirely by someone other than me, and they are doing a bang-up job. I’ll just happily go into retirement then! 😉

Have you got anything planned for Tribute Month? (I mean, really, once you start thinking about it pretty much any project could be a tribute to someone inspiring online!)

4 thoughts on “It’s Tribute Month, and I choose…

    1. Thank you! The fabric has been sitting on my shelf for so long that I’m just glad to see it used! Make way for more fabric! 😉


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