I’m on WordPress now, baby!

Welcome to the all-new (ok, mostly old) Crafting a Rainbow!

I decided it was time to move to a new platform after Tumblr blocked Bloglovin’ users from seeing Tumblr blogs earlier this month. Sure, I’d love to say I blog for myself… but if that was true, I’d write a diary! I’ve been missing the interaction with you dear readers since about 3/4 of my followers suddenly weren’t seeing my posts. (Fellow Feedly users, let’s celebrate that everything stayed workingย in our neck of the woods!) The layout and design here is still a bit of a work in progress… but isn’t it always?

In the mean time, I’ve got lots of projects photographs and waiting to be blogged, so welcome to my new home! Let the games begin!

ps. If you notice anything looking funky on your browser or have trouble commenting, do let me know!

pps. I’ve lost my old DIscus comments (for now, at least) in the move, but if you are looking for a specific conversation you can still find the old comments atย crafting-a-rainbow.tumblr.com

15 thoughts on “I’m on WordPress now, baby!

    1. Thanks Marrie! I’m happy to be finally settled in the new blog home… took me ages to decide what platform to use! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. looks great over here! i don’t know what the bloglovin/tumblr snafu is all about, but i’m a real fan of WP so i’m always happy to see folks move over here!


    1. Thanks Lisa! The Tumblr things is somehow about Tumblr people thinking that Bloglovin is stealing their content by letting people read it within the Bloglovin frame. Totally ridiculous, as far as I can tell! I feel like WordPress is a more stable option anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Looking good, Gillian! How did you decide which platform to go with? What is it that makes WordPress better than Blogger (or any other hosting sites for that matter)?


    1. I looked at both Blogger and WordPress.. the clincher was that a) I’ve already got the sewcialist blog on WordPress, so having both on one platform seemed sensible b) Blogger just feels kindy clunky and old to me. It hasn’t changed much at all in the 10 years since I last used it… the templates are limited, the options are limited… WordPress isn’t perfect either, but it does seem like it’ll outlast Blogger in the end!


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