Cali Fabrics Review Video!

Guys, I swear I don’t normally buy as much fabric as I have the past few months… you know what? Screw it. I probably do buy this much fabric all the time. Knits just fly in and out of my stash too fast, and  I get stressed when i’m running low. Must. Have. Faaaabric!

This time I ordered from Cali Fabrics, which was a spot-on recommendation from Heather at Where Heather Grows (who, by the way, is making awesome after awesome thing this summer!)

Here are the fabrics I ordered:

As you can tell, I’m really happy with my order! I’ve prewashed it all since filming this video, and it all stayed nice.

If you are interested in ordering from Cali Fabrics, the coupon code for first-timers is “Save10”. They also have a 10% off coupon code if you follow them on social media, so I’ll have to remember to use that one next time! They also have a blog where they announce sales. (I know I sound like I’m shilling for them – but I’m just a happy customer/fabric addict, I swear!)

I’ve been thinking about lately about how nice it is when a fabric store feels like a cohesive collection expressing someone’s taste. For example, Wanderlust, EmmaOneSock, and Marcy Tilton all seem to have just one buyer who buys what she likes! Whomever buys for Hart’s also seems to have really defined taste (stripes, dots, solids, and no multi-coloured prints) and I’d say Cali Fabrics has a similarly cohesive collection. Even Girl Charlee, though I’ve been disappointed in the fabric quality, has a really clear colour palette and style. ( is just so big that it has a bit of everything.)

What’s great is that if you and the buyer have similar taste, you know you are going to find fabric you like. We all have different preferences, but maybe we can find fabric stores that “fit” just like we prefer certain pattern companies. I know that Heather is a sucker for what Marcy Tilton and Emma One Sock post, but it’s usually not quite me. Denver Fabrics seems to choose warm-toned rusty dark colours, which looks killer on Lady Katza, but never tempts me. On the flip side, I really like what Wanderlust and Cali Fabrics are choosing, so I know it’s worth watching for new stock.

Is there any store/designer/blogger that picks just the right things for your taste, and makes you want ALL THE THINGS?

p.s. For my other fabric review videos, go here!

8 thoughts on “Cali Fabrics Review Video!

    1. Import taxes are the worst! We only have them sometimes here, which I’m grateful for… SHipping is expensive, but at least I’ve getting something for my money!


    1. I’m happier than I expected to be with the quality, I have to say… not that it’s all super high-end, but for low price fabric it doesn’t feel cheap. 🙂 I’ve already sewed up 3 of the 4 things I bought, so that’s a good sign!


    1. Aww, thanks! I feel a little narcissistic posting them, so it’s good to know they aren’t too obnoxious! 🙂 Now if only I had more money for more online shopping!


  1. Super late to this post but I have to say I’m really enjoying your fabric haul videos. I’m waiting for an order at the moment so I may follow suit 😉


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