Toronto Meet-up Revisited!

We had another meet-up in Toronto recently… well, two weeks ago! I don’t know how times flies by so fast. 

We started of at the Bata Shoe Museum, working out way up to the newest exhibition, called Fashion Victims: The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19th century. I watch a LOT of documentaries about history, and I thought I’d know most of the stuff, but there was a lot to learn! Plus, it’s just so cool to see gloves, shoes and dresses up close – such tiny hands and feet!


From left to right: 

      • me
      • my mom, Cathy, who is getting back into sewing with a new machine
      • Kerry, who was wearing THE CUTEST retro maternity dress (handmade, of course), and also some really nice teal Croc shoes which I’m still envious of! 
      • Andrea, who is wearing her Oonapalooza outfit
      • Chloe, in a really great African wax print dress
      • Catja, wearing her first knit project and a sweater knit by her mom! (Wish I could get in on that.. cough cough… sister dearest?
      • And Bev, who like Kerry, I was meeting for the first time! 

Who doesn’t love an exhibit with a sewing machine? 

After a walk in the rain and a little coffee break, we found our way to local yarn (and fabric) store Ewe Knit for a swap!


They were really kind to ket us use their space  – in the past, we’ve always done our swaps at a restaurant, but then inevitably the food arrives just as we’ve spread things out everywhere… This was much more relaxed! (Not to mention that they had wine for us, and a $50 gift card to raffle. Oh my!)


Andrea and Catja!

I’m not a knitter, but there’s something about the rainbow display of yarn that makes me wish I was.

Ewe Knit has branched into fabric recently, included a wall of Liberty lawn… 

…and a few bolts of Liberty Jersey!

At Ewe Knit, we were joined by Sara, who was wearing her made-that-day Myrtle from the taupe Liberty jersey on the left… and Kristin used the gift card she won to buy some of the blue and yellow print for herself! 

It was a really fun meet-up, as always… although I have to admit that it took me the better part of two days to mentally recover from being so social. I really am becoming more reclusive in my “old” age.

Oh, and for the record… if you are interested in finding more sewists in your area, I’ve had really good luck just starting a Facebook group and seeing who shows up! I started the Toronto FB group about 2 years ago, and when I moved in the fall I started a regional group for the area where I live now.

Here are a few of the ways I’ve found like minded people:

  • connecting with local knitters, who tend to be more organised, and often know a couple people who sew…
  • googling bloggers in the area, and leaving comments inviting them to check out the group
  • chatting to people in the fabric store
  • and when in doubt, spread the word through family and friends

Once you find a few people, they always know a few more… and then you are set! 

Have you connected with other sewists, and how? 

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