Lazy Tips for Sewing Knits: Even Skirt Hems


Tips for knits don’t come any lazier then these, folks! This one is for my ladies with big booties: Do you ever find that your hem sits higher in the back? A big butt takes up horizontal and vertical  space in a skirt, and we need to account for that when we cut ur fabric. (Here’s a real-life demonstration, using a straight skirt as an example.)

I add about an extra inch of length to the centre back of all my knit skirts. Just make sure you don’t change the angle of the hem right at the side seams – I cut according to the pattern for the first inch or two, then freehand a gentle curve adding extra length.


(If you have a flat butt you make have to shorten the back, or if you have a prominent belly you may need to length the front, but the premise is the same!)


How do you get your knit hems to be level? 

4 thoughts on “Lazy Tips for Sewing Knits: Even Skirt Hems

    1. It’s so simple that it feels like it must be wrong… but it works just fine for me, so I’ve never figured out if there is a more official way to do this! 😉


    1. Yeah, skirts that ride up where you can’t see them are no fun! A little extra length makes everything better! 😉


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