Wanderlust Fabric Haul Video!

Time for another fabric haul! I just received an order from Wanderlust Fabrics, so I made a quick video to show what the fabrics are like. (BTW, the comments on my haul videos of Fabric.com and Girl Charlee had lots of interesting discussion in the comments, so thank you!)

Wanderlust seems to be a fairly new online store – at least, I hadn’t heard about it until recently! They are sponsoring True Bias in her Hudson Pant sewalong. I’ve come across them on a few other blogs too, and so far the reviews seem positive.

I’m happy to report that I’m also very pleased! As you can see in the video, all three fabrics I ordered are nice, and they sent along a bundle of swatches that are all good quality. (No caked ink here!) The descriptions of weight seem accurate. Most fabrics are $6.50/yard, so it’s quite affordable.

The only downside for me is that the shop doesn’t have a way to automatically calculate international shipping, so you have to ask for a quote through email. I got a response right away, which was great, but I prefer the independence of being about to experiment with different order combinations to get the most fabric for the lowest shipping! For example, I originally asked for a shipping quote for 4 yards of fabric, which ended up being about $21 shipping for $26 worth of fabric. I emailed back to ask if the shipping cost would change if I ordered a few more yards, and ended up getting 6m shipped for the same $21 shipping.

Of course, those shipping costs are what USPS charges, and I’m not questioning that cost… it’s just a matter of wanting to make it better value by filling up the package! I almost never shop from online stores that make me put in an order and THEN ask for a quote. It’s surprisingly common, but really annoying. The shipping cost is a big part of the price for me, and I can’t make decisions without knowing what it will cost. I’m sure there’s some reason it’s hard to quote international shipping, but I really appreciate when it is possible!

That said, I’ll definitely be buying at Wanderlust again! I like the selection of prints and the quality is good. Stock seems to change quickly, so (oh no!) I’ll just *have* to check back regularly. Life is hard sometimes, right? 😉

Happy sewing! 

**Edited On Nov. 1, 2014: I’m sad to say that because of customer service I won’t be ordering from Wanderlust again. I wasn’t impressed with the service on my first order reviewed in the video, but didn’t feel like it was enough of an issue to mention it…  I put in an order again recently, and felt like the service was terse and borderline rude. I cancelled my order and I’ll spend my money elsewhere! 

One thought on “Wanderlust Fabric Haul Video!

  1. Interesting! I’ve just had a rant about customs on another of your posts (!) in which I mentioned that here in Gb the choice of fabrics is limited and the cost high. Knit fabrics here are SO expensive and nice printed knits really hard to find. These are lovely florals. Shame about the service. Jen


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