Name these shorts!

Can you tell which pattern I used? Shorts collage

There’s a slight hint in the hem of the white pair… They are, in fact, Prefontaine Shorts! Except I got quickly bored with sewing the distinctive piping, and then I got bored of sewing patch pockets, and voile – I have 3 pairs of very basic shorts! 

I think the pattern is excellent – I was so pleased to find that the back crotch curve almost perfectly matches my TNT Style Arc Elle pants.The front crotch curve is all kinds of crazy on me, but I find I really don’t care. These are shorts for lounging around the house or doing errands. And for that, they are perfect!

shorts details.jpg

All three pairs are made with stretch twill with about 30% stretch. The pockets are lined with quilting cotton. I wanted to avoid unflattering gathered fabric in the front, so between the two pockets the waistband is stable and not stretchy. The other 3/4 of the waistband have elastic, though really, I should have been brave and pulled it tighter. They all slouch down pretty fast… but then again, I don’t really care! 

It’s been a few years since I had shorts that fit, so I’m really enjoying throwing these on when the weather is hot! (The rest of the time I can be found huddled under a quilt on the couch… 🙂

Of course, this is the time of year when teaching suddenly becomes the best job ever. Two whole months of vacation? Oh yeah, baby. Of course, Jamie and I are both unpaid over the summer, and I don’t have any work yet for fall, but ya know, vacation!!!

Summer Collage.jpg

We live in a little triplex apartment, so summer is filled with the sounds of people and kids talking, fighting, playing, and listening to universally terrible music. I’ve been enjoying the luxury of having time to paint my nails: black fingers, in Jamie’s honour, and pink, orange and gold toes. I’ve also been seeing lots of friends and family, which is a real treat. We also bought an eliptical machine, and have been trying to work out at home. So far so good, although MAN I’m out of shape!

cat Collage.jpg

Most fun of all, we adopted a second cat two weeks ago! His name is Frank (Both cats are named after the mad scientists from Mystery Science Theatre 3000). Frank is 8 years old and very chill… Clay is now 1 year old, and rather spooked! They are both getting more relaxed by the day now, even going so far as to sleep or play in the same room for short periods of time. It’s progress! Having cats to watch and care for really does make our lives so much richer. Three cheers for cats! 

Have you tried anything new this summer? Food, patterns, hobbies, adventures… new flavour of chips? What’s new in your world?

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