Oonapalooza Plans!

Did you hear? It’s Oonapalooza month over on the Sewcialists Blog! 


Basically, the challenge is to get inspired by Oona’s sense of style, colour, drama and fun. Make whatever you want, but step out of your comfort zone and have some fun! 

I’m really excited about the theme, because summer is such a great time to add some sass and pizazz into clothes! I’ve been feeling the urge lately to experiment more with pattern drafting, and try out some new-to-me silhouettes, so this is the perfect excuse. (I’m seriously obsessed with this site.) Plus, I don’t have to wear work clothes until September, so it’s the right time to sew something flirty, or dare I say it, sexy? (I honestly don’t think I’ve ever sewn something sexy, and the idea kinda freaks me out! Which means it’s probably time to try it!) 

Baby steps first though… The first project I’m planning is a hack of the Sewaholic Saltspring. My awesome bloggy buddies Leila and Heather bought me the pattern last year, and it’s finally the right time of year to try it!


I’ve got 3m of ITY to work with, and I’m deciding between two options:


(Ooops, looks like I forgot to add green to the one drawing…)

#1: Straight-ish Mission-maxi style skirt with a slit, and wide bands on the Saltspring bodice.

#2: Raise the Saltspring neckline to be halter like I asked about here. Keep the tie straps from Saltspring, and go buy a strapless bra that fits! Draft an a-line panelled maxi skirt that would sit smoothing at the waist and be dramatic in a windstorm. 

I’m leaning towards version #2, because it has more elements that i wouldn’t normally sew! Everything I make is SOOOO practical, which makes for a good wardrobe but not much drama. Time to spice it up! 


To up the ante, I pulled out a few potential contrast fabrics and trims from my stash. The turquoise is ITY, so maybe I’ll incorporate it into a braided strap or something? The blue is a lovely drapey french terry which I have just enough to make a shrug of some kind. I don’t know how I would incorporate the elastic, but maybe as piping at the neckline or pockets, if I add some?

Here’s a better look at my fabric – it’s got a lot of my palette colours in it! Pink, minty turquoise, and royal blue, plus white and black. I’d love to find another print to clash/go with it – maybe even black and white stripes or something? If I make a shrug, it’s definitely going to need spicing up with some kind of contrast, trim, or something!


Are you inspired to join in Oonapalooza? Even if you don’t have a particular project in mind, just keep Oona’s voice in the back of your mind as you sew, and maybe you’ll surprise yourself! If you do make anything Oona-esque, upload pics into the Sewcialist Flickr group, because Oona will be giving out a wee prize! (That said, sew what you love! No point sewing for a contest if you don’t like what you make. I’ve fallen into that trap, and it’s just a waste of energy.) 

Also, which version of the dress do you think I should make? And how can I Oona-it-up some more?

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