June thoughts

June is always a busy month – the last month of school and my birthday! The math course I’ve been taking also ended – with the final project due the same week as report cards had to be handed in to the office! (If you aren’t a teacher, you may not know how many hours (days and weeks) go into writing report cards – it takes over evenings an weekends and becomes all-consuming!) All of my classes are getting rowdier, as if the kids can smell their impending freedom coming… well, so can I! Only 5 more days of school, then I’m going to sew, sew sew! 

In less complain-y news, I turned 32 last week! It’s a milestone number for me, since my mom had me when she was 32, and my granny had my mother when she was 32! Which means I’m now 1/2 my mom’s age, and 1/3 my Granny’s. Needless to say, I’m not planning on popping out a kid this year, but it feels like an important age nonetheless. 

The night before my birthday, I asked Twitter if I should make a new dress… and of course, Twitter said YES! 

Birthday dress

Voila! It is, of course, a Tiramisu/Mission Maxi mashup, like this dress that I wore in Me-Made May. The only issue I have with it is that the contrast band really shows up how my bewbs squish down the band under the bust. I think that happens on all my Tiras, but it’s more obvious here with the contrast! If the crossover is any longer, it looks baggy… so I guess this is just the way it’s going to be, unless I start interfacing the midriff or something. 

This is my first polyester ITY maxi, and I’m pleased to report is was nice to wear even on a hot day! ITY is a bit like light-weight bathing suit fabric, which as a beginning sewist I was very wary to use… but I like it now! It’s not clingy, it has great stretch recovery, washes perfectly, and while it’s a bit warmer than a cotton, it’s not sweaty to wear. I bought this fabric locally, but its also a very easy fabric to order online. ITY seems to be a very standard weight and quality, so it’s easy to predict when you’ll get! 

Another recent project was this tie-up t-shirt!

How to tie Collage

It’s a total knockoff of this pin. I saw it, I wanted to try it, and an hour later it was done! I used Deer and Doe’s Plantain tee as the base, but any tee would work. I raised and widened the neckline, and eyeballed the length in back and front. I folded and stitched the bottom hem, but the slash up the front centre isn’t hemmed because I couldn’t figure out an easy way to finish it! I’ve seen lots of cute cropped and knotted tees lately, and this was a fun way to try out the trend. I’m planning on wearing it over maxis mostly, as a cleavage coverup or instead of a cardigan!

One thing I’ve been experimenting with is how best to tie the know so that it lays flat. In the 2nd pic from the left, I’ve tied it once… in the centre pic I’ve tied twice (right over left, right over left)… and my fav knot, second from the right, is also tied twice (right over left, left over right). Thinking back to being a Girl Guide, I think the most successful knot is called a square knot? Any of you have tips for how best to tie a neat, flat knot in clothing?

Next, because I’m a crazy cat lady, here’s what my cat was doing while I was taking pics on the balcony!

Cat wants outI grew up with outdoor cats, but she’s an indoor cat since we live a) in a 2nd floor apt, and b) near a major road. She’s never been ouside, but boy is she interested! 

Finally, thank you all so much for your awesome suggestions of halter patterns! I can’t believe how many great options you found for me – now I have to whittle them down to just one! I really appreciate the help though – I tried looking myself and just wasn’t finding anything. I knew the sewcialists would have all the best intell! 

Oh, and just a sneaky teaser… I’m hosting an Oonapalooza in July over on the Sewcialists website, so if you love Oona’s flamboyent style as much as I do, start looking for some bright and crazy fabric to work with! Rules are going to be wide open – anything goes, as long as it’s bright, joyous, and just a bit crazy! 

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