Can you help me find a pattern?

Hi everyone – I need your help! I’ve got a couple of weddings to go to this summer, and of course, I’d like to make a dress to wear! I’ve got a style in mind, but I can’t find a pattern. Help!

halter Collage.jpg

I’d like it to look like a halter from the front, like these, but have a back just like the front (i.e. coming up in a trapezoidal shape to attach to a strong or collar at the neck.) I find actual halters a PITA to wear, but I love this look. (In fact, I put a downpayment on a wedding dress in this style before finding the “right” dress!) 

Other criteria/thoughts: 

  • I’ll sew mine in an ITY knit, but seeing the pattern shapes for either a woven or knit would help me figure it out
  • it’s probably more flattering on my body to have a waistband component, like the blue dress above… but I can alter any pattern to include that
  • I quite like the look of a slit in the back or front bodice (like the orange, blue or white versions above)
  • I also like the look of a wider collar around the neck (like the white or black one) instead of just a string… but I wonder what kind of closure the collar part uses?
  • Mine will be a maxi (or maxi with an Anna-esque slit?) but again, I can draft for that if it’s not in the pattern!

Can anyone suggest a pattern that would be a good start? And also, what on earth is this neckline called? I found the pics on pinterest by searching for “halter” dresses, but to my mind, it’s really not a halter at all if the back connects to the collar too! What do you think?

Thank you!

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