More Sewing Indie projects, and a Me-Made May Weekly Roundup!

I’ve made a couple other things that fit the Sewing Indie criteria, but aren’t exciting enough to blog about on their own… so I’m just going to mention them here!

First, another Jalie 3355 hoodie (I’ll have a million of these soon!) and a pair of pj shorts. 

hoodie and shorts Collage.jpg

The shorts are a modified version of Maria of Denmark’s Laura Lounge pants, which is a pattern I wear a lot and always recommend to other people. I like to make mine with a foldover yoga-style waistband. I manages to squeeze this pair out of a failed muslin and leftover scrap of fabric, so they feel like a bonus project. (On the down side, I wish I had remembered that this pink ponte bleeds like the dickens before I washed the shorts! Arg.) 

Olivia Collage.jpg

Secondly, another Maria of Denmark pattern: The Olivia Oversized tee. I had less than 1m of this jersey, so I had to cut carefully! (Even so, I had to bind on of the sleeves with the crossgrain, and one of the sleeves with an on-grain strip… but really, who cares? Even I will never notice.) This fabric is THE DEVIL to photograph – hot pink and orange together is not a combo my camera likes! 

As for Me-Made May… well, I got my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday and I’ve been wearing me-made pyjamas ever since! Not exactly photo-worthy, and certainly not in keeping with my one-week one-pattern goal. Oh well! 

MMM Style Arc Elle Pants.jpg

This week I’ll be wearing Mission Maxis every day – including several tank top versions which will let some of my other Elle pants come out to play. I think I’m *almost* ready to try another trouser pattern… maybe. Someday. I guess. 

In other news: 

Remember how I’ve been debating how to spend my money lately? Well, I ordered online from, and paid the painful shipping… and it arrived from in TWO DAYS! Whaaaaa? It’s always taken weeks before! I don’t mind paying the shipping if it’s going to arrive that fast. 

About half the fabric is what I expected, and half is not… but I’ve figured out a plan for all of it!

  1. I got some Briar Rose strawberry jersey, and it’s go so little stretch it might as well be a woven… but I’m going to make a Scout woven tee which should be fine with the fabric.
  2. The greens (1, 2) I ordered are on the garish side of emerald, not the turquoise side that I like… I actually tried dying them but it didn’t work! However, I started making a hoodie anyway with one green terry, and when I mixed it with navy and white stripes, it suddenly became a new favourite!
  3. Another french terrys was $3/m, and turned out to be super stretchy (good) but also have massive terry loops, bigger than on a towel (bad). I’m debating making a cocoon cardigan with it, but in the mean time, it’s a perfect blanket on my side of the bed! (Anyone else always cold when their husband is boiling hot?) 
  4. All the rest was good! 

What is most surprising me to me is that I’ve felt the predictable urges to go check out the fabric shop… but since I know I’ve spent my whole budget for the month, it’s been easier to tamp down those wants by thinking about my stash. I don’t get the feeling of “enough” with my stash very often, but right now, i feel like “Yup, I’ve got enough to sew for a couple weeks without running dry.” It’s a nice feeling! 

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