Me-Made May Roundup: Espresso Week!


A week of leggings – what bliss!

It was so easy getting dressed this week. I picked out a dress for each pair of leggings and hung them together on a hanger… then all I had to do each morning was pick which outfit to wear first! 

I wear leggings a LOT anyway… probably at least 3 times a week. Teaching little kids is really active, so there is no way I’d wear a dress or skirt without my trusty leggings! 

I do find that fabric REALLY matters for leggings. I don’t like my poly or ITY leggings as much as cotton/rayon ones – the poly has an odd sheen, and feels a little airless. On the flip side, my leggings with only 2-way stretch feel tight over my knees and slide down over the day because of the lack of vertical stretch. My favourite pairs (that in a real week I would have worn more than once!) are cotton with lots of spandex for 4-way stretch, or drapey rayon, again with 4-way stretch. All other fabrics need not apply!

The first leggings I made were a Style Arc pattern, which was certainly very functional. What I really like about the Espresso pattern is that it’s specifically drafted for my short, round shape, with the right high rise that I like. I could definitely achieve the same results with another pattern, but Espresso just makes it easy!

(On a side note, have you seen that Style Arc has released a second pattern inspired by clothes worn by Princess Kate on her NZ/AUZ tour? The first one was one a day or so after she wore the dress! I’m rather in awe of how quickly Style Arc drafts up new patterns, and yet the drafting seems to be quite reliable!) 

Anyhow, here’s what I wore this week:

MMM Espresso Collage.jpg

(For detail of what patterns I wore each day, go to my Flickr set!)

Remember how I bought turquoise wallpaper to use as a backdrop? TOTAL FAIL! It kept falling down, and getting wrinkled and ripped… now there are 6’ lengths of wrapping paper strewn around the living room that I haven’t bothered to pick up. The cat loves playing in the piles, so that’s my excuse to #sewdon’tclean!

As for my outfits… well, even though I’m not strictly following my colour palette like I did last May, it’s pretty clear that those colours dominate my wardrobe! For reference, here’s my palette again:

Colour Palette for MMM '13

So far the only colour I haven’t worn is hot pink! I do have hot pink leggings, but they are capris, and the weather isn’t warm enough here yet. 

I think I’m going to start a week of Jalie Raglan tees tomorrow… I’m tempted to start Elle pants right away, but I think I’d better wear my sweatshirt raglans before it (hopefully) gets warmer!

How is your Me-Made May going? Are you sick of reading roundups yet? There is a lot more action on Instagram this year, as well as the flickr group, which I’m finding is making it easier to keep up with all the action. How about you?

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