New Jalie Hoodie!

Woohoo, I made a hoodie! I’ve been dreaming of warm hoodies all winter, and even went out shopping for one (gasp!) but to no avail. Thankfully, Jalie’s newest round of patterns has a great simple pull-over hoodie, and now it’s mine, all mine! 

Jalie 3355 Hoodie

Since it’s a brand new pattern, I thought I’d talk a little more than usual about the fit, just in case anyone is planning their own version. 

  • As you can see, it’s got lots of ease! I traced exactly my size according to the package, but for my next version I plan to bring the shoulders in for a more RTW fit. 
  • I’m short, but with a normal-length torso… so I was surprised that I ended up taking 5” off the length. It was LOOOONG! I may almost have made it s smidge too short, but for a baggy top I like it to end before the widest part of my hips. 
  • I also took about 2” off the length of the sleeves…
  • I did all of my bands in sweatshirt fleece, which worked just fine… but the pieces for both the hips and cuffs were clearly designed for ribbing with a lot of stretch! Lesson learned: Add extra length if you aren’t using a super stretchy fabric.

Jalie 3355 Hoodie

I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I had to patch one sleeve together out of three pieces… and once I’d done that, I figured I might as well make it a feature by topstitching in bright neon thread! I used a three-part zigzag. It’s not very tidy, but it is a nice bit of fun on such a dark colour. Because of the lack of stretch in the sweatshirt fleece, I also had to add an extra bit of fabric to the hem and… so I added bright zigzags to that too!


And then of course, I had to add topstitcing to the hood, too…


The hood itself is a nice size, and was easy to attach. It’s unlined, but that would be simple to change. 

Here’s how it look when the hood is up:

Jalie 3355 Hoodie

Hoods: So fun that they give me froggie face! 

And that’s it! I’ll definitely be making more (with kangaroo pockets next time, when I have more fabric.) I like how simple the pattern is. There are some other great hoodie patterns out there, but I didn’t want to deal with lots of seams or a zip. This is gong to be perfect for lazing around the house, and I can’t wait to wear it on a chilly evening at a cottage this summer! 

What’s the most recent pattern you’ve purchased? Have you sewn it up yet?

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