Back for MMM!

Ahhhhh – that was a lovely little blogging break! In fact, I’m not quite ready for it to be over… and so I’m cutting back a bit on my Me-Made May pledge to make life easier!


My original plan was to pick 5 of my favourite TNT patterns, and wear one pattern pattern every day for a week. Well, the problem with that is there there are only 4 weeks in May! Instead of trying to shoehorn in 7 days of the 5th patttern, I’m just going to make things simple and focus on 4 patterns – one for each week of the month. 

Here are my patterns:

  • Cake Espresso Leggings
  • Maria of Denmark Kristen Kimono Tee
  • Jamie Christina Mission Maxi
  • Jalie Raglan Tee
  • Style Arc Elle Pants

I love the Kimono tee pattern, but I realised that some of my kimono-style tees were actually made with a different-but-similar pattern, so it seems like the easiest one to cut. I’ll still wear some during the month, but I won’t wear 7! 

Because I’m rather obsessive, I’ve been sketching and resketching version of my chosen patterns on my ipad. It’s partly to remember all the versions I have, and partly to plan for more! Here’s where I’m at so far…

MMM plans

As you can see, I’ve got at least 8 versions of three of the patterns… but less of the Jalie Raglan! The black raglan dress with the red star above it doesn’t actually exist yet… but I’ve got the fabric, so hopefully I’ll sew it before raglan week!)

In other MMM news, I’ve moved around my dining table so that I can leave my tripod permanently set up and ready for daily pictures. I also bought some cheap rolls of turquoise wrapping paper to try as a background – I HATE my beige walls, and I’ve always been envious of Tilly’s turquoise wall!

Now all that’s left is to actually make sure my me-made wardrobe is CLEAN in time for May! 

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