Me-Made May – My challenge for 2014!

It’s time for Me-Made May! I love this month a lot – the community spirit, the challenge to dress nicely for a month, and a chance to test my handmade wardrobe!

The first time I participated I had only been sewing for 4 months, but I manages to squeak through wearing me-mades every day. I set myself the extra challenge of doing “Japanese for Crafters” – holding up a sign with a Japanese vocab word every day. It gave me something to go with my hands while I posed, and made for a fun conversation started in the flickr group! 

MMM'12 Wrap Up!

Looking back on those pictures I can see how different my style was then – only one thing I wore was made with knits! 

Last year I chose to experiment with my personal colour palette. Could I manage to wear the colours from my palette every day? (Answer: Yes!) It was really interesting to see which colours I actually wear the most though, and I ended up tweaking my palette a bit at the end. 

MMM 13 collage.jpg

(If you are doing the Colette Wardrobe Architect series, I really recommend testing out your palette this way! It really helped me narrow down what I like and what I should look for in the fabric shops!)

Which brings us to this year! 

You all know that I love repeating patterns… so I decided this year I’m going to celebrate the repeats! 


I’ve chosen 5 of my favourite patterns, and I’m planning on wearing different versions of each pattern for a week. It’s my own version of Tilly’s One Week, One Pattern, combined with MMM! 

My patterns are: 

  • Cake Espresso Leggings
  • Maria of Denmark Kristen Kimono Tee
  • Jamie Christina Mission Maxi
  • Jalie Raglan Tee
  • Style Arc Elle Pants

(Yes, there are 4 weeks in the month, and 5 patterns, but since I’ll have top/pants combos, and leggings/dress combos.)

I’ve got at least 7 versions of all of these patterns, except the Jalie Raglan top – guess I’d better get sewing raglans! I’m going to be wearing other patterns too, otherwise things would get a bit dull.

Here’s my official pledge: 

‘I, Gillian of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ‘14. I endeavour to wear me-made clothes every day, including a week each of my 5 favourite patterns.’

I’m hoping for two things this month: a chance for me to evaluate which fabrics work best for these favourite patterns, and a chance to show how varied a wardrobe you can make with just a few patterns! 

Are you doing MMM this year? Whether you are or not, do you love, dread, or ignore the sudden torrent of outfit posts that takeover the blogosphere?

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