Sewing a rectangle can be more fun than I thought!

Oh HAI!!!!!!

Look, my husband went to play video games with his brother last weekend, and the cat and I MAY have gone a little stir crazy without him… Because I suddenly realized that I could SEW new pillowcases for our bed instead of doing laundry!!! 


We both like to have lots of pillows on the bed, which means that we basically have every single mismatched pillowcase in use at all times. As I lay in bed at midnight, it occurred to me that maybe my stash held the solution!

I have a lot of 2-3m pieces of lovely high-end quilting cotton that I bought when I first started sewing. I used to make lots of quilting cotton dresses, but I’m not really interested in making them anymore! Now that fabric is just taking up room. I’ve been thinking of giving it away, but I”m too sentimental to part with it!

That said, this gingham print is actually new to me – I won it from Danielle over at One Small Stitch! It’s just perfect for my husband’s pillowcases, because he likes graphic patterns and dark colours. Nothing else in my stash would have suited him! Thanks, Danielle!

There’s another sewcialist connection in these pillows, too… when I googled for tutorials, the first one I found was by Brooke! She made really cute pillowcases for a friend in the army a few years ago, and her instructions were a great starting point!


I did make one small change to Brooke’s pattern. My favourite Japanese pillowcases have this inner flap thing that keeps the pillow from sliding out. My husband’s pillow cases ALWAYS slide off and it irrationally bothers me, so I figured this was a good solution! 


If you are interested, here’s how I did it… (get ready for a one-picture tutorial! :P) Cut one side of the pillowcase the actual size of the pillow, and the other side 8” longer. Put them good-sides-together, and fold the long edge back like in the picture above. Then sew the 3 edges, and turn inside out – the flap should be neatly inside the pillow! 

We’ve been using the pillowcases all week, and I’m happy to report no pillows have escaped! I’ve got some other fabric earmarked to make more… and hopefully once I’ve got lots of pretty pillows I’ll be more motivated to finish the last damn seam on my quilt! So close, and yet so far. 


I just realized that I’ve covered the bed with my stash. I literally roll around in my favourite fabrics (in pillow and quilt form) every night. Is my husband aware that fabric is taking over? First the sewing room, then the living room, and now the bedroom… Sewing is taking over the whole apartment!!!! MUHUHAHAHA!

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