Pink Pants!


Pair number 9, babies!   ERMAGERD, PAIR #10!!!!! 

(Double digit pants… oh man, i really do love a TNT! Here are my verisons, just to prove it: V1-8, and V9!


Yup, once more, Style Arc Elle Pants. I won’t even pretend to have anything new to say about them… but they are bright and make me happy in the dark days on winter! 


I narrowed the calf a little on these – took out a couple of inches. I’ve also started fiddling a bit with the front crotch curve, experimenting to see if I can get the fit smoother. I also think I’ve been cutting the waistband elastic a bit big on the last few pairs. I’ve got another bright spring pair planned (green!) so I’ll try pulling the elastic a bit tighter.

Oh, and the top? V4 of the Jalie Raglan tee!


It’s a lightweight pique/sweaterknit/mystery knit. I’ve been dreaming of cosy sweaters and sweatshirts lately. (Thank the continuing snowstorms for that!) 

My stash is filling up with black and grey prints these days because they are plentiful, but I have trouble working them into my wardrobe. I went window shopping the other day and noticed a lot of graphic black and white prints with bright colours, which inspired this outfit. 

To perk the black and white print up, I used some picot elastic from my stash as piping along the raglan seams. I’ve used elastic as piping a few times this winter, and I really like how it works with knits! I’m thinking of doing a tutorial, so I’ll share that later this week!


Are you still sewing for winter, or have you moved on to spring? (Or, you know, the reverse if you live in the southern hemisphere! 😉 Have you spotted any good trends in stores that you are looking to copy? 

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