The Popularity of Patterns

Red Plantain

Every year I love seeing which patterns take off and become big hits. It’s so interesting to see what catches the zeitgeist! I even wrote about it two years ago here. I overlooked one really important factor when I wrote that post though: The influence of bloggers themselves! If I had my own pattern company, I’d work hard to get my pattern sewn by that handful of bloggers that can make anything look fabulous and fashionable. (Not that those bloggers are aiming to advertise – just that they are so lovely, talented, and widely-read that they inspire us all!) 

A great example of a pattern that’s taken off is the Doe and Deer Plantain. Makes sense: it’s free, quick and easy, and the competition inspired a lot of creativity. It seems like a stroke of marketing genius by Doe and Deer, and I’m glad for her! 


I must admit, I am one of the people who only decided to make the pattern once it was popping up everywhere on blogs! I mean, it’s quite similar to the Grainline Scout tee which I said was one of my favourites last year… Do I really need another t-shirt pattern? Well, no, but it’s still fun! 

This is my second version, made from a really lovely bamboo knit from a local fabric shop called Needlework. It’s got perfect weight and drape, and I would sew with nothing but this jersey if I could! (one warning though – it shrank like mad in the prewash!) I’d bought some odd amounts of the two stripes with plans to make a colour-blocked dress, but I’m happy I went with the tee instead. 


Unfortunately, mid-winter is not the best time for a short-sleeved tee, so I’ve been wearing my Plantain with this draped cardi I made for Red October. I’m always happy when I can mix and match my me-mades! (BTW, I’m wearing my Cake Espresso leggings/pants in these pics, so I’m handmade head to toe!) 

I’ll definitely be making more Plantains… possibly with a little less ease around the hips. I was scared of it being too tight, so I added a bit of width to the pattern, but I’d like to try a slimmer version to see if it flatters!

Have you made a Plantain? I’m curious: did you want the pattern as soon as it was released, or were you swayed by the lovely versions that started popping up? In general, what convinces you to spring for a new pattern? The line drawing or the blogosphere? if it is blogs, do you try to emulate people with a similar style/figure, or does everyone inspire you? 

ps. Oh, and one last question: I’ve got 1.5 m of the wide/narrow strip in black and white. Should I make fun graphic leggings, a drape cardigan like this red one, of some kind of dress?

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