Jungle January!



It’s Jungle january, baby… and even though I finished this dress weeks ago, I’m posting it barely in time to jump on the safari bandwagon! 

Jungle Lola

As you can tell from the giant pockets, this is a Victory Lola dress. I’ve been eyeing this pattern since it came out… and friends, I should have made it earlier! it’s fun to sew: interesting but not complicated. 

Jungle Lola detailsThe fabric is a light, stretchy double knit. I made my sister a pencil skirt from this fabric at Christmas, and then went back for more for myself! When I made Anne’s skirt I used black fold-over-elastic as piping, which worked really well. I didn’t have any more black, so I had to get creative! 


Amazingly, I had just the right permanent marker to colour in some zebra FOE. Double animal print! 

DSC_0589I really like the end result. It’s cute and comfy… and I’d say that I”ll make another right away, except I already did! This is actually my second Lola – now here is my first!

Navy Lola standingThis version is made of a very stable sweatshirt knit.It’s borderline too stable for the pattern – I had to recut the bodice with more ease in the raglan sleeves because the first round was way too tight. I also raised the back waist seam about 2” so that it hit right in the small of my back. 

Navy lola pocketes

The sweatshirt barely stretches, so there was no way it would work for the bands. Instead, I used a lightweight rayon rib for the pockets and bands. One hazard of the pockets is that they are so huge that things migrate to hide under my tush, and get lost! If you look closely, you can see that I didn’t realise my iPhone was still in my pocket during photos! 


Did you sew anything for Jungle January? I think it’s such a brilliantly simple sewalong concept – I’m so glad Anne hosted again this year! I think she’s converted a lot of people to animal prints over the last two year! 

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