Married life: Colours, shapes, and personal style.

After writing about my quilt plans, I’ve been thinking more about my husband and I both manifest our personal tastes in our home. Don’t get me wrong: We live in a cheap apartment filled with second-hand furniture. Nothing matches, nothing is perfect, but we still put our stamp on it! 

My stamp, of course, being everything rainbow: 


(Did you see that pompom garland? That’s my newest addition… and props to Jamie for suggesting it go up in the living room! He knows me well…)

Whereas my husband has one only colour he likes: 

All Black

Look at that closet! He wears head-to-toe black every day, except for his tie… and for the past few years all the tapes, record, and posters he has collected have a very harsh and disturbing black and white visual style. (Seriously, harsh noise wall music has some weeeeeeeeird imagery!)

So imagine both of our surprise when suddenly his newest piles of tapes has neon and bright colour! Whaaaa? The stuff he’s liking these days is less harsh, and apparently the visual style is brighter too!

New Mix

 After I took a pic of his piles of tapes, he took a picture of his bookshelf, and suddenly I started thinking of our quilt! I want the quilt to have that same contrast of dark and light with bits of bright colour thrown in at random. 


My current plan is to improv quilt 12”ish squares with varying widths of strips, and only one or two (or no) coloured strips in each square. Then somehow I plan to straight-line quilt the top in two halves (to make it more manageable) and join the backing to finish! I got lots of bamboo batting the other day, so I’m ready to go!

It’s not just colour though.We’ve realised that we gravitate towards different shapes, too. I love circles (like my pom poms or rolls of stash fabric) and squares (like cube shelves or origami paper). All the things he collects are rectangles (comics, record, tapes, books). I’m hoping to make us both happy by combining rectangular strips and square blocks. No sashing, of course – that would make the whole thing too neat and precise for either of us! 😉

That’s all for tonight: a rather random collection of thoughts on colour, shape, changing personal style, and how to put all of that into sewing! 

How (or how much) does your personal style bleed into your home decor? If you showed us a picture of a room, would be we able to guess the seamstress who lives there? 

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