The Luckiest Girl Around!

There have been a flood of parcels through my door recently – and all of them gifts and giveaway prizes from other sewists! I’m so humbled and happy that I just had to share my goodies! 

First up: Fabric from SewBusyLizzy

From Lizzy

…and a calendar, and some beautiful fine hand-sewing needles! When I mentioned on twitter that I was thinking of sewing the Grainline Archer, Lizzy pipped up and said she’d seen some rayon fabric that would be perfect… and would I like it? Ummmm…. YES!!!! (My parents trained me never to say no to a generous offer! 😉 She went back to the store to pick it up just after she’d thrown out her back – all I can picture is the ELH (Ever-Loving Husband, as Lizzy calls her husband) sitting in the car and wondering how on earth he’d ever found such a determined and generous wife, so bent on fabric for a friend she’s never met! 

Needless to say, the fabric is gorgeous, the calendar is up on my fridge, and the needles are being tucked away safe from Kitty’s advances! 

Thank you, Lizzy! 

Next Up: Fabric from Crafty Alibobs

From AliThis one started on Instagram (Seriously, social media is the best!) Ali IG’d a cute picture of her current outfit, and I commented on how cute her skirt was… and she offered me fabric to make my own Hummingbird! We’re going to be OUTFIT TWINS! Squee! I’m seriously considering polkadot stamping some grey tights to be more like her. Thank you Ali! Ali and I had a digital rummage through my stash, and picked out something for me to send her in return. Now to get myself to the post office! 

But wait, there’s more! 

I won buttons from Crab and Bee!

From Morgan

Morgan offered up some vintage buttons from her grandmother’s collection, and I won these little pretties! Family sewing heirlooms are really precious to us both, so I feel very lucky to have a piece of her family’s sewing tradition added to my stash. She sent them along with a hand-stamped card on handmade (?) paper, and some rainbow stickers… which my husband must have tucked somewhere safe while he was cleaning off the kitchen counter… somewhere so safe I can’t find them right now! I’m sure they’ll turn up soon. Thanks, Morgan!

At this point I’m almost embarrassed to say that there’s still more! I woke up this morning to an email from Dani at One Small Stitch Today saying that I’d won 2m of large-check cotton gingham in her giveaway! She’s someone I met through this years Top 5 lists, and if you don’t follow her already, you should! 🙂 Thanks Danielle!

On top of all that, Jodi from SewFearless offered to pick up some Simplicity patterns for a friend and I at the Joann’s sale this weekend! She’s mailing them north for me – the start of a pregnancy wardrobe for my friend! Thanks, Jodi!

Phew! That’s an awful lot of good luck coming my way… and I”m truly grateful for it. I’m going through one of those periods of WANTING everything – fabric, patterns, makeup, shoes, you name it! Do you go through those phases? For me it’s usually when I’m tired or sick or worn out, and I get stupidly convinced that some purchase will make me feel better… but of course, it’s ye olde post-Christmas penny-pinching season, so I can’t! (It doesn’t help that Jamie and I don’t get paid for days we don’t teach, so the 2 week holidays were without pay.) 

What I’m saying is, thanks. Thanks for reminding me that I’m lucky to have wonderful, supportive friends. I’m lucky to be part of such a great community, and lucky to have a hobby that is more satisfying than shopping! Thanks, everyone!

Do you ever get a bad case of the I WANT IT ALLs? How do you handle it? 

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