Polkadot Dress!


This dress is hardly even worth a post… but i’s been so long since I posted a finish project that I thought I should jump in somewhere!

I used the bodice and sleeves from the Lady Skater pattern, but raised the waistline to an empire. I “drafted” my own skirt, but let’s be honest – It’s basically a slight a-line rectangle!


I stabilized the waist by serging picot elastic into the waist seam, which I find works better than clear elastic. It is nice and resilliant, easy to sew with, and is soft against the skin. 

The fabric is an ITY from fabric.com that Leila kindly brought north for me when she visited. I left the sleeves unhemmed so they wouldn’t have bulky seams under cardigans, and left the skirt unhemmed too. The nice thing about ITY is that I don’t need to wear a slip with it – it’s got enough drape and weight that it hangs nicely!


Speaking of underneath the dress… I also made the navy Espresso leggings! For this pair I used a drapy rayon knit that I would usually save for a kimono tee or something similar.. but they make great leggings too! No baggy knees at the end of the day, and with some snug elastic they don’t fall down, either. 


(Forgive the grainy photos – the sun was setting after work!) 

How do you feel about ITY knits? Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them… but they are very consistent in quality, which makes them easy to order online, and they are comfier to wear than I’d expect pure polyester to be! On the other hand, I don’t know if they can ever feel luxe! (If you aren’t sure what ITY is, it’s a polyester knit that feels like a light-weight bathing suit material.) What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Polkadot Dress!

  1. I’m glad I saw this in your favorites! I have this fabric (3 yards!) and have been too afraid that it looks like bathing suit fabric – maybe I’ll try sewing with it after all. I just love the dots!


    1. I worried about ITY being to swimsuit-like at first… but turns out I quite like wearing it as clothes! I’ll always love a good rayon-lycra jersey best, but ITY is very reliable and easy to sew and wear.


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