Building a wearable wardrobe – What are my pattern essentials?

I’m sure you’ve all read Rochelle’s recent post on her plans to build a wardrobe with a different pattern each month in 2014. She got me thinking: What patterns have been essential to building my own wardrobe? 

It seems like sewing a wearable wardrobe is a popular goal this year, along with the eternal quest to destash and gain skills. Making an everyday wardrobe is definitely my passion – starting right back from the first Me-Made May that I joined just 3 months after I started sewing! Since then, I’ve worn me-mades (and increasingly head-to-toe outfits) almost every day. I haven’t bought any new RTW clothes in a year – everything comes via my sewing machine!

My approach to quickly developing a cohesive me-made wardrobe is to use the same patterns over and over again. Once I know it fits, I play with colour, detail, modifying, and using different types of fabric. It works for me because I like sewing things I know will be a success – for other people it might seem deadly dull! 

So, what patterns is my wardrobe made from? 

That makes 11! 

Pattern Essentials

The beauty of these eleven patterns is that I can use them to make pretty much anything I want. Together, hacks and versions of these patterns probably make up 90% of what I wear day-to-day. I’ve made them all anywhere from 3-15+ times (and luckily none of my coworkers have noticed just how much my clothing repeats!) 

Now, everyone’s ideal wardrobe is different – maybe you’d prefer tailored suits, frilly dresses, or retro authenticity. The patterns vary, but I think the idea of a reliable, cohesive, easily-buildable wardrobe remains that same for us all!

How do you build your me-made wardrobe? What patterns could you not live without? Or if you always try new patterns, how do you make sure the silhouette will work with your other clothes?

ps. I’ll be back tomorrow with my Top 5 Goals for 2014… 

pps. Remember I talked about the Sheildmaiden Sewalong idea in my last post? Well, it’s official, and I hope you join!

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