Top 5 Reflections of 2013

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

Where to start? 

1. I’ve gained confidence. 

A year ago I felt nervous proposing these Top 5 lists… but since then, I’ve organised #sewingdares, the Sewcial Bees (we’ll have another in late January, finally!) the Sewcialist Blog, started local Facebook groups, and met face-to-face with a lot of amazing bloggers! I’ve learned that Sewcialists like joining things, and they like being inspired and challenged. I don’t feel nervous anymore when I propose new ideas, and for an introvert like me, that’s a big deal! 

2. I am what I am. 

Hi. My name is Gillian, and I like sewing knits and using the same patterns repeatedly… and I think I’ve come to terms with that. I used to feel like I *should* be sewing more complicated things or learning couture skills… but why make clothes I don’t want to wear? I wear me-mades nearly every day, and often head to toe. I’ve got decades of sewing ahead of me, so I”m going to stop worrying and just enjoy what I like for for now. 

3. Maybe I’m not a beginner anymore? 

There was an interesting discussion a while back about what skill level we self-identify with, and it was a strange realization that I’m no longer a beginner! I feel confident discussing patterns, fabric and techniques with fabric store clerks or other sewists, and I can solve problems as they come up in my sewing. That said, I’m still terrified of lots of things, like silk, tailoring, and outerwear – I’m I”m going to challenge myself in a few of those areas in my 2014 goals!

4. Sewing is a fantastic hobby, and it keeps me sane. 

Can you remember what you did with your time before you sewed? I can’t! It is such a big part of how I define myself now! I feel happy as soon as I walk into my sewing room (and um, I pretty much demanded to have a sewing room when we moved!) 

5. You (yes, you!) are great.

I moved to a new city this year, and blissfully, didn’t have to worry about making new friends, because I have you! All of you Sewcialists make me smile on Twitter, IG, Flickr, and/or my ever-extending blog feed. There are a handful of you (and you know who you are!) who i talk to almost daily… certainly more than I talk to many of my local friends! You Sewcialists are a sarcastic, silly, kind and clever bunch, and you rock. Seriously, if any of you reading this haven’t joined Twitter or Instagram, I really suggest giving it a shot. I didn’t really “get” either platform until I made sewing friends, and now I’m hooked! 

Next up: Inspirations! 

BTW, if you are posting your own Top 5 lists, make sure you share a link to your blog over here! It’s a nice way to find new-to-you blogs and help other find you. I’ve loved going through and reading all the lists popping up!

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