Evolving Personal Style

I’m at an annoying crossroads in my sewing. I’m tired of the same of patterns, and my wardrobe of me-mades is feeling a little dull. I’m itching to tweak my style, but I’m not quite sure where to start! 

As of New Years it will be one year since I bought new RTW clothes. I’ve sewn piles and piles of clothing this year, and I have a well-stocked stash… it’s just not inspiring me to actually SEW right now! Must get back the spark before the winter holidays, so that I can have a solid sewcation! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about my “style” (though it sounds pompous to call it that!) before and after starting to sew, and how it has continued to change! I’ve pulled together some pictures – Wanna take a look? 


Pre-Sewing: 2008-2011

While I lived in Japan, I liked: 

  • v-neck sweaters (often with a white lace cami underneath)
  • blazer-type casual jackets with a scarf
  • hoodies
  • wide-legged dress pants at work, with long, quite fitted t-shirts or blouses
  • full skirts
  • straight or flared jeans (skinny pants were popular in Japan, but I wasn’t sold!)

At this point, my work wardrobe was relatively formal (for a teacher), and I was thrilled any time I found clothes that actually fit in Japan! Not a time to be picky about fashion. If it fits, wear it! And heaven forbid I lose or gain weight when I could only buy pants on my biannual trips to Canada…


Early Sewing: 2012 

We move back to Canada and got married in summer 2011… about 6 months later I started sewing clothes. As these shots from Me-Made May show, I started out making and wearing: 

  • endless quilting cotton dresses, with fitted bodices and a-line skirts
  • lots of woven tanks: Pendrells and Sorbettos
  • high-waisted a-line skirts 

Sad as it is, I hardly wear any of this stuff now because I can’t stand that it doesn’t have stretch! I’ve gained a little weight since then, which doesn’t help, but mostly I fight these clothes constricting accross the shoulders, arms and bust. Plus the thought of wearing a non-stretch skirt around my ribcage just sounds tortuous now! Part of the change is also that I was supply teaching at the time, and wanted to present a professional look. Now that I’m steady at one school I’m less concerned! 😉 

spring 2013

This year: 2013

I clearly like: 

  • stripes, florals and other prints
  • coloured slim jeans
  • Tiramisus, Tiramisus, and more Tiramisus! 
  • cardigans. Always a cardigan, either draped or RTW hip-length

These are all outfits from Me-Made May 2013, and clothes I still wear often today, aside from the Tiramisus. I’m preferring straight cut skirts to full skirts these days, and liking my pants skinnier too. I really like wearing knit Scout tees and loose, long tees.

I’m trying to figure out where to go next with my sewing. Something more youthful and trendy, perhaps? Without going overboard, of course – no skin at school! 😉

Something more like this, perhaps? (Ignore the colours though! It’s just the styles I like.)


Here’s what I’m wanting these days: 

  • sweater dresses with leggings (Lola with Espresso?)
  • draped cardigans that are shorter at centre front, instead of longest at centre front (hack the pattern i always use?)
  • slim pants that aren’t tight but aren’t baggy by the end of the day (I’ve gone back to my original clim version of Style Arc Elle, and have new pairs planned)
  • loose raglan tees (Jalie pattern ordered, and a Papercut Sloppy Jo made!)
  • long jersey draped cardigans (Jalie pattern also ordered!) 
  • long, loose sweaters (not cardigans, for once!) so that I only have to pick one top to get dressed, not balance a tee and a sweater! (no pattern ideas for this! Help!) 

I’m also really enjoying a pair of khaki green pants that I made recently, which is a colour I haven’t worn in years. I like the earthiness of it though, and it’s nice to have a warm neutral instead of navy, black or grey. If you can believe it, I’m also starting to yearn for a few SOLID colour tee-shirts! (Help! Who am I becoming?!) 

Are you conscious of your style developing? What styles do you want to try next? And can you think of any patterns that I should try that might fit my new direction? 

Ps. After drafting this post, I cleaned out my closet and passed on some less-won items to my sister… and I’m feeling better already! Out with the old, in with the new!

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