Sewcialist Circle of Trust

When I tell non-sewing friend and coworkers that an internet friend is visiting me this weekend, and we’ve never met before, people keep giving me the oddest response. “Thats brave!” they say, while looking highly doubtful.


Watch out! The grunge Sewcialist is coming to town! 

Brave? Like the lovely Leila could turn out to be… what? A 14 year old? A creepy 50 year old guy? A friendly, kind lady who only *pretends* that she sews so that she can lure me into letting her into my house? As far as I can tell, it would be a full-time job fooling me on Twitter, Facebook, email, Google chat, Instagram and blogs, let alone sewing! 

Leila 1

Could you doubt this face?

Of course, I understand their misgivings and surprise… but it’s certainly not a fear I’ve ever had while meeting sewing bloggers, nor how I live my life! In fact, my sis met her husband in a chat room WAY back in the day, and my parents regularly stay with or host Morris dancers and musicians from the UK that they’ve never met before. I’ve lived on 5 continents and, within reason, always trusted the people I live, travel, or share dorms with.

If anyone should be afraid, it’s Leila. I’ve just spent time writing a post when I should be cleaning. Sorry hon! At least the sewing room is ready to go! 😉 Oh, and of course, I found time to make a new dress earlier this week – a Lady Skater with cowl from this lovely crepe knit! 


How about you? Do you have trouble explaining the wonders of the sewcial network to your non-sewing friends and family? Do you ever feel a twinge of doubt when you go out to meet a blogger you’ve never met IRL?

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