Join the Grand River Sewcialist Group! (If you live near me, that is!)

As you know, I’ve recently moved to a new city – Guelph (pronounced “Gwelf”), to be precise!

I know there is a lot of interest in sewing here! In our small city, since we’ve got a nice selection of shops and learning spaces: 

There’s an active Knit Night here, held at All Strung Out, and a strong community of knitters… but a sad lack of an organised sewing community! (OK, I’m new – Maybe I’m missing something, so if I am, please fill me in!) 

To get things going, I’ve started a new Facebook group for local Sewists* from the Guelph and Kitchener Waterloo area. If you live anywhere close and are interested in sewing, please join! It’s not just for people who blog or tweet – everyone is welcome!

facebook logo 1You can find us on Facebook as the Grand River Sewcialists

If you happen to know a sewcialist**  please spread the word! 

For those of you too far afield to join our little group, how have you connected with other sewists locally? Is there anyone near you on the Sewintists Map

*Sewist: Someone who sews, aka. a sewer! It’s how we get around the pesky problem of sounding like we’re calling ourselves a conduit for sewage when we write online! 

**Sewcialist: someone who sews and uses social media like Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc to connect with other sewing fanatics. Find out more at, and even make your own version of the logo above!

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