Giving Thanks!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m been pretty quite on the blog and Twitter lately – but I’ve got a LOT to be thankful for. My husband and I moved, and now we have our own apartment! 

We’d been living with my parents for two years, since we moved home from Japan – bless them for putting up with us for so long! We’ve now moved about 45 min away from my hometown, to the small city where I went to university. It was strange to “move out” from home to the same place, 13 years later! 

I haven’t sewn in a few weeks, so instead of posting a new make, I’m going to show pics from the move!


Packing up, stuffing everything in the garage before the moving day!

We both love our hobbies (comics, music and video games for Jamie, and obviously sewing for me!), so we’ve treated ourselves to renting a 3-bedroom apartment. It’s clean and well cared-for, but not the most glamourous… in return, we each get our own hobby room! It’s a real luxury, but one that makes us both very happy.


Our new home.

I counted at some point that I’ve lived in about 14 places in the last 13 years! Some of those were shared houses in university, and at least 6 of them were in Japan. It was such an amazing joy to move from one place to another in Canada, with friends and family to help! We had 15 people help us out on moving day, and we’ve furnished the entire place with donations from out families! We’ve got furniture from both our grandparents and our family homes, which makes for a lovely homey feeling right away. We really couldn’t have done this without so much wonderful support!

One unexpected joy of the move was digging out little treasures from my last Canadian apartment 6 years ago. I’m particularly pleased to see how consistent it all is with my wardrobe colour palette!


Of course, I wouldn’t be much of a Sewcialist if I wasn’t also planning to decorate with fabric…


I’ve been hoarding all of these for quite a while! The two obis (top left) were bought in 2005 in Kyoto… the vintage cotton kimono fabric (top right) and fat quarters (middle right) were bought in Tokyo in anticipation of our first home in Canada… and the hexagons were pieced at the cottage last year ago from scraps of clothing projects! The only new fabric is the cotton chambray that I’m using with the fat quarters to make half-square triangle throw pillows, but even that is special to me. Clare from Sew Dixie Lou and I bought matching fabric at a blogger meet-up when she was here in the summer, so I’ll think of the Sewcialists every time I see it! 

There we have it. I’m thankful for my wonderful husband and our new apartment, I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for the beautiful things in my life that make me glad every time I see them, and I’m thankful for the Sewcialist community! I’m one hell of a lucky lady, and I try to always remember it! 

Happy thanksgiving, everyone!

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