Three’s Company!

Have you seen Heather and Leila’s awesome Hemlock tees? A few weeks ago, the three of us decided to try out Grainline’s free Hemlock Tee pattern, which is a cute boxy modern top. I love loose tops and I’ve been eyeing drop-shoulder tees on people around town lately, so I couldn’t wait to give it a go! 

It calls for lightweight or tissue knits, so I dug out a newly-purchased striped knit. It has permanent creases in it, and is the same line as this spotted Kimono tee that I love! Untitled

The Hemlock pattern was quick and easy to put together, and even faster to sew! I added in an extra few inches of ease, since I’m many sizes bigger than Jen from Grainline… and, well, here’s the result! 


Uhhh…. yeah. I can’t look at these pics without puckering up my face in a look of uncertainty. It’s not AWFUL, nor is it flattering! The stripes really highlight my rounded shoulders, I think, and draw much more attention to the dropped shoulder than Heather or Leila’s more abstract prints. The neck is way too high, and the fabric isn’t draping nicely at all. Boo, I say. Boo-urns! 

So when the fabrics wrong for a pattern, what’s a girl to do? Recut the dang thing as something new, of course! 

May I present my Hemlock, recut as a Kirsten Kimono Tee?


This pattern was an obvious choice, since I already like the one I made in similar fabric. With a bit more skin showing at arms and neck, and more shaping in the body, I think it’s much more wearable. 

And yet… I think my fundamental problem comes down to the colour! Technically navy and mid-blue are part of my “palette” colours, but these are the most boring of blues!

MMM new colour palette

The only bottoms I feel like it goes with are classic blue jeans, which… well… make me feel like a wallflower! Give me red jeans, pink jeans, turquoise jeans, but don’t make me wear blue on blue on blue! (Seriously – look at my bedroom! Red and yellow walls, rainbow bunting, kimono fabric, bold jewelery… I NEED colour!) 

Here’s how I’m wearing it today…


Totally fine, kinda matches my palette, but yeesh, I feel like the most dull version of myself. It’s a good lesson for me – Just because I have neutral colours on my palette doesn’t mean I feel happy wearing ONLY neutrals!

With that in mind, I’m looking forward to finding a bright print on a rayon knit, and trying the Hemlock again! 

Come on, make me feel better: Tell me about a time you paired the wrong fabric and pattern together!

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