Tiramax? Missionmasu? It’s a Tiramisu/Mission Maxi Mash Up!

Tiramisu Maxi

Two favourite patterns unite! My trusty Tiramisu bodice (sewn more times than I can count), with my new favourite, the Mission Maxi. (Seriously, this is my 4th maxi with the pattern, plus 4 tanks, plus another hybrid dress! That’s value for money!) 

Tiramisu Maxi

The beauty of the Mission Maxi skirt is that the front and back are cut side by side on the fabric, meaning that it makes use of the full 60” at the hem and has plenty of ease to go over my hips without eating up much fabric. In fact, I’d say this version used about 2m of fabric, just like a standard knee-length Tiramisu!

Tiramisu MaxiThe Mission Maxi pattern has quite a defined hip curve (Seriously, the pattern is pretty hilarious looking) so it’s not an a-line skirt. Instead, it fits closely at the waist, curves right out over the hips, and skims down flaring out very gently to the floor. It’s a great shape for pears like me. A-line knit skirts tend not to have enough ease where I need it! 

Tiramisu Maxi

To add some stability and definition, I added stretched clear elastic at the top and bottom of the back midriff panel. It really helps to snug things into the small of my back! I applied it as an afterthought to the existing serged seams. Easy peasy!

Tiramisu Maxi

The front does seem likely to gape a bit… This is the same line of lovely stretchy, drapey cotton blend knit that I used for my first Tira version, and it gapes too. Guess I should make my neckband even tighter next time? (The bonus of this fabric is that it doesn’t roll at all, which makes it lovely to sew with and means I don’t need to hem!) 

One issue I notice with lots of my Tiras is that the underbust seam doesn’t really snug in under, well, my bust as much as I’d like! FOr this version I did the gathering a little more aggressively, and it seems to be sitting better!

Tiramisu Maxi

Do you ever go back and refit your TNT patterns? I’ve recently had to admit that I’ve gained an inch or two here and there, and probably need to rethink the fit on a few of my favourite patterns. (Maybe that’s part of why I’ve gone so gung ho on knits this year?! The wovens weren’t fitting right!) In the mean time, knit dresses are always going to be my friend! 

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