I’m speaking at a… KNITTER’S Fair????


Oh me, oh my! My fabulous sister Anne, whom many of you know now from twitter (@AnnieBeeKnits) or the first Sewcial Bee Challenge, has been invited to speak at her local knitter’s fair, and she’s roped me into it too! The fair was the largest in Canada until just recently, and it’s still pretty big… though who knows if we’ll get 10 people listening or 200?

(“Uh, GIllian,” you are thinking, “You don’t knit!” Yeah, that’s true. I used to knit 10 years ago, and then it gave me carpal tunnel, and I gave it up completely! Doesn’t matter though, because the presentation is on my favourite topic ever: COLOUR!!!)

Here’s the description that posted on the Fair website: 

  • ColourRIOT: Making and using your personal colour palette in knitting and beyond!

    Knitting designer Anne Blayney (AnnieBeeKnits) and avid sewer Gillian Whitcombe (Crafting A Rainbow) are sisters with a passion for colour and textiles. They know just how exciting — and overwhelming — a shopping trip to the Knitters’ Fair can be, and they’re here to help you find the colours and projects that will fit into your wardrobe instead of languishing in your stash or closet.

    The sisters will start with a basic review of colour theory, and look at how to combine colours to get energetic or calming effects. Then, they will help you identify what colours you are drawn to and what colours make you sing, gathering inspiration from everyday life and from useful tools in the real world and online. They’ll discuss how to pull those colours into a cohesive palette of colours that are most ‘you’. Next, they’ll apply that colour palette and colour theory to yarn, moving beyond solid colours to the world of hand-paints, kettle-dyes, self-striping, and variegated yarns that are so enticing in the skein but can prove more challenging to use effectively. They’ll help you learn which yarns will work best with a variety of techniques for colourwork, lace, and cables, so that you can put your Knitters’ Fair purchases to their best use.

    Anne Blayney is a conference planner by day, and a knitting addict at all times. Her most recent published design, the Hue and Value Shawl, is a perfect chance to play with colour combinations. Gillian Whitcombe is a teacher and a lifelong colour aficionado. She is building an entire wardrobe of hand-sewn clothing in her very own signature colour palette, one gorgeous fabric at a time.


Anne is going to cover the basics of colour theory, then I’ll talk about making a colour palette to really focus in on the colours you love and wear most. Then it’s back to Anne to connect it all to yarn! Better yet, Anne planned everything out and made a *beautiful* presentation months ago. I just need to figure out how to explain my section! 

MMM new colour palette

(My own personal colour palette!) 

Which brings me to my point: I need your help! I’d like to be able to show a variety of colour palettes for different people!

  • If I made you a colour palette, would you give me permission to use it in the presentation? 
  • If you made yourself a colour palette, could I use that?
  • If I’ve never made you a colour palette, but you’d really like one, let me know! I’m pretty busy these days, but I could find time for a few. (And then can I use that as well?) 

 Please?  Pretty please? Thank you, my lovelies! 


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