Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Inspired by Kristin from K-Line (local blogger shoutout!), I decided to think of my current upcoming porjects as a capsule collection. For some reason that makes me feel better about the fact that they are mostly black, and therefore don’t fit into my beloved colour palette

(The problem there is that I have a billion pair of black fleece tights that I wear constantly in winter, but black isn’t one of the colours that I think I look best in! I prefer grey or navy as dark basics… but black is the colour fleece tights are sold in, so everything I wear with tights in winter must therefore go with black! No navy winter skirts for me!)

Here’s what I’ve got planned: 


Top Row: Bright coral stretch jeans, dark grey stretch jeans.

Bottom Row: Stretch twill pencil skirt with elastic waistband, Grainline-knockoff pencil skirt with Ikea fabric!

The only twist here is the Ikea skirt. It’s a direct copy of Jen’s Moss Mini in this same fabric, which has already been copied by other bloggers at least once! My cunning plan is to colour in some of the white dots with Sharpies, to make it more rainbow and fun. My Sharpie dress from last summer has held up well in the wash, so I think it should work on this cotton too. 

I’m hoping that I can use the Cake Hummingbird skirt as a basic shape, but tweek the front to have darts instead of separate panels that would break up the print. I’m also wondering about elasticating just the back of the waistband to make it a bit more comfortable? The fabric is pretty heavy and unforgiving!


Top Row: Long-sleeved Renfrew with floral print jersey that was a gift from Sally at the Quirky Peach! Plus a Mission Maxi black tank top…

Bottom Row: …and a slightly blousy white tank with leftover fabric from the very first knit project I ever made! I don’t own any white tops besides that original Renfrew, so I don’t really know if I’ll wear this… It’s either the perfect basic that I’m missing, or too boring to get worn! 

That’s it for my Fall Capsule Wardrobe… see what I mean about all the black? BOR-ING!!! I’m hoping there is enough colour in there to keep me interested. 

That said, there are a few more things I’m planning to make that don’t really fit the colour scheme…


Top Row: Crinkly jersey Hemlock Tee (if I can grade the one-size free pattern to be loose and casual on me! Otherwise, it might be a Renfrew.)

Bottom Row: Not sure if I have enough fabric, but bright pink capri leggings suddenly appeal to me… and I’ve got some light blue chambray from the 2nd hand sore that I’d like to play with making a Saltspring-inspired casual dress – crucially, with straps wide enough to cover a bra so that I can wear it at work! 

Phew! That’s quite a lot! Lots of easy stuff with TNT patterns though, which is perfect as I head back to teaching. It’s not the time to make sewing stressful too. 

Do you get the itch for new things when the school year starts?  I’m still such a sucker for pretty binder, pencils, paper and all those delightful office supplies that I’m convinced will make life more fun. New clothes are part of it too, for me… A fresh suit of armour to protect me from the unknown, so to speak. How about you? 

p.s. All my pics are drawn with Notability, which is an awesome writing/drawing/list-making app for ipad and iphone!

One thought on “Fall Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Hi! I was reading today’s post and was “led” to this one by the pictures. Your drawings would make great fabric!


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