Sewcial Bee, Part Deux

Sewcial Bee LogoWe had another Sewcial Bee! This time the Challenge was laid out by Gida Studio: To sew something inspired by food! 


My first thought was to sew a Parfait Maxi, which I was #sewingdared to do months ago… but that’s a lot of little pieces…Untitled

Oh yeah, that’s more like it! Now for fabric…Untitled

I got this tissue knit online, and the stripes are really wide… which I think might not be the most flattering! I wonder if I can pleats some of the stripes to add some interest?UntitledHmm… 


Watching the Great Australian Bake-Off on Youtube for foodie inspiration!


Got some pleats in, time to cut! Single layer, so the stripes match. I’m extending the shoulders in hope of making a flutter sleeve kinda thing…


Sew it up, then unpick the pleats at the shoulders. Hmmm. Not bad, but didn’t make the fluttery sleeves I was picturing! Oh well. 


This fabric was my actual inspiration: cute Japanese double gauze with red and yellow watermelon *and* horned stag beetles, which are a bizarre obsession of Japanese boys in the summer!

I only bought .5m though… What could I make? To instagram and twitter for suggestions! 


Oh wait, I’m lazy. I’ll just PRETEND that I made it into something! Voila! My watermelon-inspired Sewcial Bee Project! 

We had some new people join in on this round of the Sewcial Bee, and some great projects made! You can see what the others made in the Flickr Group. Feel free to join in next round if you are interested!

Summer is really winding down here… getting down to 10*c at night sometimes! I’m starting to think ahead to fall, and wondering what to make! Are you shifting into the next season’s sewing yet? DO you plan ahead what you’ll make, or take it project by project?

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