Almost time for the next Sewcial Bee!

It’s back, baby!

Sewcial Bee Logo

Take the best parts of Project Runway and the Great British Sewing Bee, and mix them together with the cooperative, supportive atmosphere of the #sewcialists, and you’ve got the Sewcial Bee! We had our first challenge in July just to see how the idea worked out. We’ve made a few changes to the “rules”, and we’re ready for another challenge!

Here’s the deal (in the words of Heather, because I’m too lazy to retype in my own!)

1. This rounds challenge will be provided by GidaStudio and will be posted 12am GMT August 10th on her website and on twitter.
2. We encourage you to pick a project that will take between 4-7 hours to sew.  So you can get a little crazy but not bat-shit insane. 😉
3. You have 48 hours to complete your challenge garment and post it to the Sewical Bee Flickr group. Then we will all aww and ooooo over it.
4. Again there is no judging or prizes…other than that sweet new garment on your back.
5. It’s an open event so tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell your spouse to take the kids and get the hell out.

And that’s it! Basically, we all get a surprise challenge, dig through our stash, and see what we can come up with! This time we’ve got all of Sunday and Monday to sew, so hopefully it works out for more people’s schedules. Within that time frame though, we’re spendingup to 7 hours on the project. I like short projects, so mine will likely take far less than 7 hours… but for those who really like a perfect finish or a complicated pattern, we hope that 7 hours lets you end up with something you are proud of. 

sewcial bee pic_Snapseed

(Here are our finished projects from July’s challenge to “make a top inspired by a shawl or scarf”! Added bonus: Spot my Dad dressed up in a tye-dyed tee made by my sister at age 6, accessorized with a block-printed tie she sewed him in school! Proud parents make great enablers!)

If you are interested in playing along, just join the Flickr group! And if the dates/time don’t work for you this month, there’s always another challenge next month!

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