Pants. Flower pants!

Floral Pants

Pants! More pants! 

Floral Pants

Stretchy, stretchy flower pants! The fabric is a really thin polyester faux-denim, which is definitely not hefty enough to be real denim. Super comfy though – especially because I slashed and spread the whole pants pattern 1” wider in front and back than my previous pants! (Not that you’d know it to look at these – they still don’t leave much to the imagination!)

I only bought 1.5m, thinking that was plenty for capris… You know where this is going, right? I cut out the waistband first, so I wouldn’t run short and be waistbandless… then I cut out the back, with enough height to cover my aformentionedly big behind… and then wouldn’t you know, didn’t have enough for the front piece!?!?

And thus, this is born: 

Floral Pants

I cut up the floral waistband and attached it as the bottom few inches of the front legs! And cut out a waistband from some leftovers denim. Luckily I don’t this the patched part is too obvious – Jamie didn’t notice the seam until I asked him to photograph it up close. Hurray for the power of prints!!!!! They disguise anything!

Floral Pants

In other pants-related news, when I went down to Buffalo (which I will blog about eventually!) there was a fitting expert/teacher at the Sewing Meetup I attended. I asked about the wrinkles I always get under my butt, and she assured me that I need that extra room to sit, and that if I fitted out all that ease they’d be really uncomfortable. I’ve decided to embrace that idea, and not stress about refining the pattern any more. Whether is true or not, it makes me feel better! 

Floral Pants

If you’d told me 3 years ago that I’d be loving floral pants, I’d have laughed at you. (The Japanese were doing it already though – I should have known it would come here, like bright jeans and sock buns!) Do you wear any styles now that you would have scoffed at until recently?

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