Hummingbird V3, and a fitting hypothesis!

Yoohoo! Hi! Hello! Down here!

Hummingbird Denim Skirt

Oh hai! 

Hummingbird Denim Skirt

That’s more like it! And what’s that, ANOTHER repeat of a Cake pattern??? What a shock! 😛 

Hummingbird Denim Skirt

This one is black stretch denim, with a stretchy waistband and linen piping. I chose the striped linen thinking that it would make it easy to match any colour of tee-shirt, but now that I’m done, and I can’t think what to wear with this skirt! 

Hummingbird Denim Skirt

But now onto the interesting stuff: My big butt! You see, after my first two Hummingbirds, some people were a bit surprised that I thought it was too short for work. The this is, the length was fine for standing, but got awfully short when I sat. Why was this apparently more of a problem for me than for other people? I came up with a hypothesis: The bigger the butt, the more a skirt will hike up in the back when sitting!

Here’s my reasoning: When a pear-shape person like me sits, the fabric has a much longer butt circumference to cover. That means that my skirt would get shorter than someone’s with a flat or skinny tush of the same height! 


With that in mind, I made a few changed to the pattern. I lengthened the whole thing by 2”, AND slashed and spread the back centre seam to add an extra 1” on length. That means there is an extra 3” of tush coverage compared to the original pattern. 

Hummingbird Denim Skirt

And here’s the result! See how much the skirt hikes up in the back? I know this is happening to everyone of any size, but I think my booty might make it more extreme. See where the skirt hem sits, about 1” from the chair seat? Imagine the skirt 3” shorter… that’s basically my lady bits barely covered! Fine when I’m sitting daintily at a party, but not ideal getting up and down all day while working with wee kids. This skirt, on the other hand, gets the thumbs up for work! 

What do you think? Do big butts make skirts ride up more, or am I imagining things? How do you deal with the dilemma of skirts getting short when you sit?

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