Mission Accomplished!

If you are around the blogosphere much,  you know awful puns about “missions” can only mean one thing…Mission Maxi!

… someone made a Mission Maxi

There isn’t much new to say about this pattern – it’s well known, well drafted, and simple to sew. It is also my ideal summer dress. Cool, comfy, and fun to wear! I made a few tanks from this pattern last month (like the striped one here) so it’s already earned it’s keep!

Mission Maxi!

Impressively, this dress can be made with less than 2m of fabric! I made a size 16 on top, and 18 from the waist down, and I could still cut the front and back side-by-side across the width of the fabric. Win!

One of the other lovely things about this pattern is that it’s drafted to be snug at the bust then curve out quite dramatically over the hip. This means that the top fits snuggly, but the waist and hips skim nicely! A definitely win for pear-shaped women like me! 

Mission Maxi! 

One modification i’ve made to all my versions is to widen the straps and use my own binding pieces. I want the dress to comfortably cover bra straps, so I added about 1cm to each side of the straps. This reduces the racerback shape, which is too bad, but does make it a lot more practical to wear! 

Mission Maxi!

The fabric I used is a nice drapey knit from the ends table at Fabricland… I think it was about $5/m? (As you may have noticed, there were some, uh, issues with pattern placement, but that’s nothing new!) I top-stitched the bindings to add some stability, even thought that’s a stepI usually skip with t-shirts etc. Didn’t hem it though – why bother?Mission Maxi!In other happy news, this dress is perfect with my Pavlova wrap top

And that’s that!

I made this dress 2 days ago… and I’ve already made another since. I think I’ll be making a few for friends/family as well… it’s so easy to sew and fit that it’s a perfect gift! 

My mind is blank of topical sewing questions to ask you, dear readers, so instead: Is it unseasonably hot where you live? What’s your perfect summer outfit? 

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