Toronto Sewcialist Facebook Group!

Toronto Sewcialists Logo

Hailing all local sewists! (Sorry, those of you elsewhere!) I started a Toronto Sewcialist group on Facebook, and you can join it hereI’ve been really impressed with how active and useful the Buffalo Modern Sewing Facebook group is, so I thought, “Why not have our own?!” 

Now, I know Facebook is not for everyone… in fact, most of the time I avoid it! If anyone has a better idea or a suggestion, I’m open to it! (likewise, let me know if you have any trouble finding or joining the group! This is all new to me…)


There is talk of at least one or two meetups in T.O. this year, which might be easiest to organise with a FB group. Adrienne and I organised out winter meet-up via email, and it got rather tricky to keep track of everyone! If you live in or near Toronto, or are going to be passing through, please join the group chat about your current projects or questions, and we’ll plan those meet-ups!

**What is a “Sewcialist”? Someone who sews and participates in the online community through social media like blogs, twitter, facebook etc!

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