Buffalo Bound!


I’m going to ‘MERICA!  An epic journey… a whole 3 hours from home, all the way to Buffalo! (Perhaps not the most glamourous of American cities… I don’t really know what to expect! All I can think of is this amazing Cleveland tourism video – “At least we’re not Detroit!”) 

My husband is going to a 3-day Harsh Noise music festival for a second year running, and this time I’m tagging along for the trip. (What is Harsh Noise Wall, or HNW? It’s the sounds of mic feedback, static, and environmental noise mixed together with no melody, beat, song structure or lyrics… like this. It’s not for the faint at heart!) 

I won’t be going to the festival though – not my scene! Instead, I’m really looking forward to tracking down local sewists and fabric shops! I’ve already signed up to go to a Buffalo Modern Sewing group meetup, and I’ll definitely be checking out this independent fabric shop. I’m even hoping for a meet-up with Rochelle from Lucky Lucille 

logo collage

Beyond that, I’m fascinated to actually visit American chain fabric stores! Sure, these big chains seem to have a bad reputation… but the siren call of cheap fabric is too hard to resist! 

  • American bloggers are ALWAYS talking about their Joann’s coupons… Is Joann the biggest chain of sewing stores?
  • Mary keeps mentioning fabric  from Walmart? (My Walmart used to have a big fabric section, but now they just have horrible quality pre-cuts.) What’s the deal?
  • We have Micheals in Canada, too, but they don’t carry fabric – Is it true that they do in the States?
  • And what about Hobby Lobby and Hancocks? What do they sell?

Gah! My head is spinning – American sewists, please help me out! What’s the difference between all of these options, and where am I most likely to find fabric worth buying? 

Thanks for your help! 


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