The best friends I’ve never met!

How can I say enough wonderful things about the Sewcialist community? In the last year on Twitter I have met the most kind, funny, honest and encouraging women!  There’s endless talk of bewbs and poles jokes, fabric chats and stash enabling, and much, much more. Seriously, if you are a blogger but not yet on Twitter, you’ve got to try it out! You can find me as @GillianCrafts.

Beyond Twitter, there’s also the amazing community of bloggers. I appreciate your comments and support so much! I remember moving back to Japan a few years ago and feeling so lonely and isolated… If only I’d known about the blogging community back then! I’ve since moved back to the small town I grew up in, but with so many friends online I never ever feel lonely here! 

Why bring this up know? Well, I’ve been showered with amazing gifts by a few sewcialist friends this month, and it’s time to say “Thank you!” 

It all started when Heather (@knitNbee) and Leila (@lbreton) bought me a PDF of the Lady Skater pattern for my birthday. As my husband can attest, I was so thrilled!!!!!! I was giddy and dancing all over the house. So imagine my shock when a week or two later, this MASSIVE package arrived: 


LOOK AT THAT THING!!!!! Heather is clearly the queen of gift wrapping. Right down to the kawaii wrapping paper! 


Heather had the most amazing props in her photos during MMM – and now I can play along too with my sparkly tiara!  (She sent Leila a matching one too!) 

Amazingly, each little package was a reminder of a Twitter conversation. I mentioned once that Americans have different flavours of Fig Newtons than we have, and BAM! Fig Newtons appear!


Likewise, I was asking for advice a while ago about good nail polishes, and Jen from Grainline suggested Butter London… Tada!!!! (And wow – this stuff is AMAZING! The base coat dries really quickly, and the pink goes on in just one coat! I’ve been wearing it on my fingers or toes ever since I got it! I think I might have to stick with high-end nail polish from now on! Heather, I really hope you got some for yourself, too! Thank you!)fabric and pattern

Heather (AKA. All The Patterns Heather) also chose two awesome patterns for me, and 3 yards of the most gorgeous stretch cotton from Gertie’s shop! Isn’t it beautiful??? It looks so at home in my stash. Thank you!

As I understand it, Leila and Heather masterminded this whole thing when Leila was visiting Heather. Heather then filled up the box with all these amazing extras… and to top it off, Leila is buying me the new Sewaholic pattern when it is released! Squeeeeee! 

Now presents are always nice – but what really left me speechless was getting so much love from two people I’ve never met. Sure, we tweet each other daily, but wow! I feel honoured and lucky as hell! (Now, whose birthday is up next? I’ve got some karma to pass on!)

To top things off, I also got a lovely little package from Sally at the Quirky Peach!  

quirky peachShe thought this fabric might match my colour palette better than it matches her own style, so she sent it my way! How kind is that? I tell ya, sewcialists are the best!

I also got some wonderful sewing related presents from my family: a local fabric store membership from my parents, a gift certificate and fabric shopping trip from my husband, and a gift certificate to Gorgeous Fabrics from my sister (with advice from, guess who, Heather and Leila!) She ever arranged for a friend to pick up the fabric at her mother’s house in the States so that I could save on shipping to Canada! 

Suffice it to say, I’m lucky. Very, very, very lucky. I’m trying to keep that in mind as I head into a summer of no pay, and wait to see what September brings. I’ve got a wonderful husband though, a great family, and good friends, both in person and online! Thank you all for making my life happier, sillier, and more full of joyous sewing! 

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