Another Hummingbird!

This weekend was sewing heaven. I ended up with SEVEN finished items! Woohoo! I’m back in the game, baby! 

Up first: My first crack at the Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt. 

Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt

I love it! I was a very satisfying make – more pieces than I’m used to, but   everything fit together nicely. 

Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt

I did have to fiddle a bit with the fit at the top, which of course is part of Steph’s expectation for the pattern. However, to get the side seam to go in a nice, straight vertical line, I had to remove more from the back than from the front. I also made the darts a little bigger, and took a wee triangle out of the centre back seam so that it fit my booty. 

Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt

Since I used a stretch twill, I skipped the zipper and just serged on a folded waistband. I can pull it on easily! (Yay stretchy clothes! Now that i’m used to being totally comfortable all the time, I have the hardest time wearing non-stretch clothing!)

Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt

May I present my first ever handstitched hem? I wasn’t sure how to hem it without losing the stretch, so I asked the Sewcialists on Twitter for advice. Katie suggested hand stitching, so I gave it a shot! I”m curious to see how it holds up!

Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt

The t-shirt is new, too! It’s a Maria Denmark Kimono tee, which is my new favourite pattern. Perfect for a quick and failproof make. 

Sewing Cake Hummingbird Skirt

And that’s it: A new outfit! 

The question is, will I wear the skirt? It’s too short to wear at school… and, well, I”ll be honest – like most women over size whatever, my thighs rub together in the summer and it drives me nuts! The Hummingbird is tight enough and short enough that it’s a little harder to hide bike shorts underneath! I did buy a shorter slip today that I can layer underneath…

Do you wear short skirts? What’s your favourite length for day-to-day dressing? 

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